Media To Voters: Drop Dead, We're Getting Hillary Elected

JD Fri, 10/14/2016 - 11:02

Everybody knew it, and now it's being confirmed by the emails that are being dumped: The media are a wing of the Democratic Party and are doing all they can to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton FOI request on Immunity agreements

Isabella sj Fri, 10/14/2016 - 10:23

Just learned about this new outfit. Enjoy! The system says it doesn't have any FOI. LOL

The most corrupt UN transparent administration in the published history for this country. The mafia affairs........

"The words ethics and journalist should never be used in the same sentence,"

JD Thu, 10/13/2016 - 12:00

"The words ethics and journalist should never be used in the same sentence," Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Sean Hannity.

"All of our institutions of government have been infected by this corruption and to put Mrs. Bill Clinton in the White House would ...only deepen it," he said.

The town that threw out police, politicians and gangsters

JD Thu, 10/13/2016 - 11:36

The women met in secret to make their plans. They were sickened by the killings and kidnaps that had become routine and angered by the masked men who roamed their town demanding extortion payments from small businesses. And for more than three years they had watched, indignant, as truck after truck trundled past their homes piled high with freshly cut logs.

Anyone who "SERVED" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or anywhere elss in the middle east...

pawnstorm12 Thu, 10/13/2016 - 05:04 guilty of radicalizing the region and making Americans a lot LESS safe.

ESPECIALLY any building contractors or "intelligence" personnel.

We have no business occupying that region and Americans would do the same "TERRORISM" we blame them for doing if some foreign power occupied the United States.

Infowars: Veterans Speak Out About HRC Private Emails

johncarter44 Wed, 10/12/2016 - 08:11

Veterans are unhappy knowing that if they had mishandled classified documents, they would most assuredly have faced prison.

Post from fakebook

Isabella sj Wed, 10/12/2016 - 07:35

As we celebrate, family, fall, holidays and such we still have patriots who are away from their families, and their families would like them home. I ask that you take time this week to write to this blessing...

Judicial Watch -- Not letting go regardless of who wins the election

Isabella sj Wed, 10/12/2016 - 05:14

Please consider sending some FRN to JW they are doing a magnificent miracle for this country and the world. Think PEACE, Law and Order. Thank YOU.

545 humans TAX the living and the dead -- from Fakebook friend

Isabella sj Wed, 10/12/2016 - 03:33

A friend emailed this:
Charley Reese's final column for the Orlando Sentinel...
He has been a journalist for 49 years.
He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN.

What to do in an Emergency?

Just me Tue, 10/11/2016 - 22:58

Rather than end up in a shelter or a FEMA camp during an emergency what are some things we can do to prepare ourselves?

Trump Launches Surgical Strike Against Hillary

johncarter44 Mon, 10/10/2016 - 18:57

Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins the Alex Jones show and outlines what Donald Trump is doing to take down Hillary Clinton.