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There are some days when all there seems to be in the world is stressful, worrying, and desperate news. It can eventually get overwhelming for anyone. This page is here to remind us that there are good people doing great things, and that there is plenty of room for hope.

We need a Sticky: For All Liberty Candidates

TheTaoistTroll Thu, 02/04/2016 - 17:22

We, as a community, need to do some investigation and find future talent.

And we need to diversify our portfolio in a way; so, we affect change. 

Vikings by means of Jaguars remain blood circulatio

jrpbk4708701 Wed, 10/18/2017 - 05:07

Vikings by means of Jaguars remain blood circulation: Methods to check out on the internet

Kevin Garnett around the Nets struggles

sherry2018love Sun, 10/15/2017 - 23:55

There's a large amount of bad basketball being played in Big apple at the moment, and also Brooklyn Nets are well responsive to the part they play in that hideous display.

The Nets' record traveled to 3-10 every time they lost, 109- Keith Smith Jersey 97, with a Sunday afternoon game within the Detroit Pistons. Jaylon Smith Jersey Afterward, Kevin Garnett sounded off within the lo s as well as the overall direction on the Nets on the part of his team.

I think everybody here is embarra sed, Garnett said. You definitely dont want [to be booed] in the home. Like Ive been saying, were likely to will continue to try to try to change this as well you can.

One thing worth changing is the Nets' third-quarter effort Dak Prescott Jersey , which has been their undoing in that early-season struggle. The Nets have already been outscored by 96 points within the quarter, losing what exactly advantage there in every of the 10 lo ses, Benson Mayowa Jersey as described.

I have no idea [why thats been happening], Joe Johnson said. Its been repetitive, and its sorts of been an account of your season. Another quarter, it doesnt matter if were up or down, we have no lift.

AP Top 25 Points machine Baylor rises to

sherry2018love Sun, 10/15/2017 - 23:55

The top four teams in your newest A sociated Pre s Top 25 poll were unchanged, as Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Pitt all looked after opponents with little trouble. Through the biggest matchup of your weekend, Oregon wore down and dumped Pac-12 rival UCLA 42-14 after a little initial resistance.

Baylor Len Dawson Jersey , college football's points machine, overwhelmed another opponent and climbed from No. 6 to No. 5 inside the rankings. Baylor replaces Mi souri, which blew a 17-0 fourth quarter lead and fell in double overtime to South Carolina. The Tigers dropped to No. 10.

MORE: Coaches Top 25 Poll |Is Oregon prepared take on 'Bama? |Best Week 9 images| Biggest upsets

Alabama received 55 first-place votes after crushing Tenne see 45-10 while Oregon received 3 and Florida State 2. The Seminoles overpowered Vermont State 49-17.

Mi souri and Texas Tech, which had been ranked 10th, were the actual casualties through the top 10. The Red Raiders were defeated by Oklahoma 38-30 at Norman and dropped to 15th.

Baylor's 59-14 victory over Kansas is a school-record 11th consecutive victory. The Bears, that are averaging 63.9 points Justin Houston Jersey per game, had 500 yards of offense at halftime while taking a 38-0 halftime lead up against the Jayhawks. Baylor and Oklahoma are off in the week, then meet inside a Thursday, Nov. 7 showdown at Waco.

With No. 7 Miami surviving against Wake Forest 24-21, it creates a big ACC matchup between Florida State and the Hurricanes on Saturday in Tallaha see.

After Stanford defeated Oregon State 20-12 in Corvallis, the Cardinal leap-frogged Miami, climbing from No. 8 to No. 6.

Auburn, which dumped Florida Atlantic 45-10, entered the best 10 at No. 8. Clemson remained No. 9 following its 40-27 win over Maryland.

Virginia Tech, upset at home by Duke, and Nebraska, pushed off by Minnesota in Minneapolis, dropped outside the top 25. Replacing them weren't any. 24 Michigan State and No. 25 Arizona State.


Team (Record; points; previously)

1. Alabama (55) (8-0; 1,495; 1)

2. Oregon (3) (8-0; 1,432; 2)

3. Florida State (2) (7-0; 1,390; 3)

4. Ohio State (8-0; 1,317; 4)

5. Baylor (7-0; 1,223; 6)

6. Stanford (7-1; 1,189; 8)

7. Miami (Fla.) (7-0; 1,149; 7)

8. Auburn (7-1; 1,022; 11)

9. Clemson (7-1; 1,007; 9)

10. Mi souri (7-1; 873; 5 Albert Wilson Jersey )

11. LSU (7-2; 818; 13)

12. Texas A&M (6-2; 811; 14)

13. Oklahoma (7-1; 791; 17)

14. South Carolina (6-2; 701; 20)

15. Texas Tech (7-1; 579; 10)

16. Fresno St. Cairo Santos Jersey (7-0; 510; 15)

17. UCLA (5-2; 489; 12)

18. Oklahoma State (6-1; 483; 19)

19. UCF (6-1; 464; 21)

20. Louisville (7-1; 417; 18)

21. Northern Illinois (8-0; 290; 23)

22. Wisconsin (5-2; 262; 22)

23. Michigan (6-1; 199; 24)

24. Michigan State (7-1; 166; NR)

25. Arizona State (5-2; 133; NR)

Others receiving votes: Notre Dame 132, Georgia 24, BYU 22, Texas 22, Mi si sippi 21, Virginia Tech 20, Oregon State 17, Florida 14, Washington 6, Ball State 4, Minnesota 4, Arizona 2, Duke 2.

Gun Toting Robber Waltzes Into Convenience Store, Clerk Immediately Opens Fire [VIDEO]

JD Fri, 10/13/2017 - 11:04

A Smoke 4 Less store clerk in Durham, North Carolina got into a shootout with an armed robber, and police just released the video Thursday.

It’s pretty incredible.

Cut the cord! Kill your smart phone!

learnfromfounders Sun, 10/08/2017 - 13:28

I cut the cord last week...Gathered up my cable boxes and remotes, brought them to my cable company, plunked them down on the counter and said Im all set..They tried talking me out of it with a bet

Pedophile Who Raped & Tortured Little Girl In Satanic Ritual Executed In Public

JD Thu, 09/28/2017 - 16:20

A pedophile who had raped, tortured and killed a 4-year-old girl has been publicly executed for his crimes in the city of Sanaa in Yemen.

Armed Texan Intervenes, Stops Alleged Sexual Assault of Female Jogger

JD Thu, 09/21/2017 - 14:22

Court documents filed this week claim an armed good Samaritan intervened and stopped an alleged sexual assault after hearing a female runner scream.

Grandfather Climbs Onto Roof To Apprehend Suspected Burglar

JD Wed, 09/13/2017 - 20:56

An elderly man pushed a suspected burglar off his roof during a police chase Tuesday in La Puente, Calif.

3 An Individual Should Know On Picking Up Excellent Players For Nfl

LLL L Wed, 09/13/2017 - 03:35

Today is Sunday, made an appointment with friends to her house for lunch. This particular member of Northern Division of American Football Management meeting.

Houston Bakers Shut in by Harvey Bake Hundreds of Loaves of Bread for Hungry Storm Victims

JD Tue, 08/29/2017 - 19:22

A group of Houston bakery employees stuck at work for two days due to flood waters in their area spent their time wisely by baking hundreds of loaves of pan dulce bread to ease the hunger of fellow

You charge a anniversary cable for the service

francismake Sat, 08/12/2017 - 01:29

If you own an Xbox One, there is no bigger way to sample EA’s best titles in their abounding apart avatar than the EA Admission program.

When the NCAA ban late-night recruiting

sherry2018love Thu, 08/10/2017 - 22:58

At 12a.m. on Sunday, August 24, Bruce Pearls show-cause order was lifted. At 12:01 a.m. he was Richard Ash Jersey for the recruiting trail, meeting with top100 recruit Horace Spencer , then calling recruits until 3:15 a.m . After rest he was back web marketing, hosting a basketball camp.

Pearl is significantly from the only or first coach to make contact with a prospect at nighttime. Brannan Greene, now at Kansas, received 24 calls between 12:01 as well as two:30 a.m . relating to the first day coaches could call juniors in 2011. Earlier coaches could only call juniors once a month. 24 decide to use that certain call each and every month to speak to Greenein center of night, basically to be first. Memphis head coach Josh Pastner admitted simple reason why coaches use this:

MORE INFANTE: Making and losing money | Po sible BYU outcomes | Football recruiting

Coaches will certainly feel pre sure to be first or perform most in recruiting. Really clean no reason at all it has to be down the middle of the night. Coaches converse about being occupied Morris Claiborne Jersey with the intrusion which the recruiting proce s dons a prospects life, then go out and maximize that intrusion by selecting them or giving them a call cost-free they'll. Let alone the intrusion relating to the coaches lives. It happens to be hard to swallow coaches pleas for even more rules through the name of their work/life balance if they are happy to recruit 24/7, despite the fact that used only for on a daily basis or so.

This may seem like a region ripe for the NCAA rule. The strain for prospects and coaches is high. The effect at a prospects decision is low. The only reason some coaches recruit at midnight is they can together with the only reason they rest do happens because the main group does.

Ryan Seymour Jersey There are two paths the NCAA could take. The more change will be to ban recruiting for a few portion of day. Coaches already are prohibited from conducting type of countable athletically-related activity (including practice, weights, conditioning, film, or meetings) between midnight and 5am. Telephone calls, texts, and in-person contact could be prohibited on top of a similar, longer period, say 10p.m. to 6a.m.

But that would can lead to a new handful of unintended violations and a handful of interpretive problems. What counts: from where the prospect is or if the coach Andy Jones Jersey is? Imagin if a discu sion starts before 10p.m. and continues past the time period limit? In case there are very for programs and prospects in Alaska and Hawaii?

The simpler solution is move your first step time for any recruiting activity to nearly anything reasonable, like 5p.m. This is able to include initial dates for communication, the start recruiting periods, additionally, the end of recruiting restrictions using a coach or staff. Coaches will still rush to be the first to call a prospect however that barrage may happen come night time, away from the wee hours. Some coaches can still continue calling towards the night, but take into consideration what which says in the prospect: don't just had you been not important enough to first, but Im also waking you up.

Its easy to track, provides no additional incentive to break the rule, and features minimal interpretive questions. Coaches have already been adjusted to this particular rhythm, everything that would change is the way it starts, much better normal work hours. After a sluggish start communication, prospects have a lot more power to dictate the terms of when coaches can call or text. It really is this kind of no-brainer that it's going to 't be surprising whether or not it takes years for those schools to use this sort of rule.

John Infante is usually a Sporting News contributor. Daryl Johnston Jersey Follow Infante on Twitter:@John_Infante.