Trump Can’t Be Bought? Think Again.

GBAmerica Sat, 01/02/2016 - 15:43

Trump Can’t Be Bought? Think Again.

Dan Nocera: Personalized Energy

father_abraham85 Sat, 01/02/2016 - 14:20

MIT Professor Dan Nocera believes he can solve the world’s energy problems with an Olympic-sized pool of water. By identifying  a simple technique for powering the Earth inexpensively, Nocera and his research team are using the sun to split water and store energy - making the large-scale deployment of personalized solar energy possible.

Does Rand Paul draw similar crowds, as Ron Paul did?

harley9883 Sat, 01/02/2016 - 14:09

Does Rand Paul draw similar crowds, as Ron Paul did?

Yes, in fact his crowds are larger.
7% (2 votes)
Yes, but it's hard to tell how many, campaign doesn't publish crowd pics of campaign stops.
32% (9 votes)
No, but they are very close.
21% (6 votes)
No, on average turnouts to his campaign stops, are very weak.
25% (7 votes)
No, is the moon and the earth the same size?
11% (3 votes)
NO! To try to compare the two, is an insult to Liberty movement in 2012.
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 28

Rand Paul's New Years Message | Fox News

Anne Sat, 01/02/2016 - 12:34

Happy New Year to you Rand Paul!

Bevin, Paul make Politico's top ads of 2015

Anne Sat, 01/02/2016 - 11:52

"Politico rounded out its top ads of 2015 list with an online spot produced by America’s Liberty, a super political action committee supporting U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential bid.

The minute-long ad promoted a May debate in the U.S. Senate on the Patriot Act, mimicking over-the-top hype videos for monster truck rallies and professional wrestling events.

Paul continues focus on New Hampshire

Anne Sat, 01/02/2016 - 10:47

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is determined to get a chunk of votes in the Granite State.

Paul will continue campaigning in New Hampshire next week, the site of the nation’s first U.S. presidential primary on Feb. 9, as the quest for the GOP presidential nomination will soon shift from public opinion polls to actual votes in party caucuses and primary elections.

Adam Kokesh is off probation!

Ryan_76 Sat, 01/02/2016 - 08:25

Funny video by Adam stating he is done with probation. 

Does this song touch you emotionally?

The Pen Sat, 01/02/2016 - 03:29
Yes -
25% (2 votes)
Not at all -
50% (4 votes)
It gave an impression I cannot explain -
25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8

If held today, who would you choose as the Republican presidential nominee?

The Pen Sat, 01/02/2016 - 02:38
Rand Paul
97% (32 votes)
Donald Trump
3% (1 vote)
Marco Rubio
0% (0 votes)
Ted Cruz
0% (0 votes)
Ben Carson
0% (0 votes)
Rick Santorum
0% (0 votes)
Mike Huckabee
0% (0 votes)
Chris Christie
0% (0 votes)
'Other' - haha (guess who)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 33

Ten Countries That May Not Be Around In 2035

father_abraham85 Sat, 01/02/2016 - 00:24

"The future is uncertain, some countries may not survive another two decades. Join us on our speculative list of 10 countries most likely to collapse within 20 years. *REMEMBER* this list is speculative, and just because a country may collapse in 20 years, doesn't mean that it will, or that we want it to. With that out of the way, enjoy!" - Video's Creator

Link: Here

Santorum: Cruz isn't a strong social conservative

Ron Aldof Fri, 01/01/2016 - 23:14



He mentions Rand and Ron Paul at about minute 5:45 concerning states rights



Donate To the Rand Paul Campaign! I just donated again!!

TrumpetRoyale Fri, 01/01/2016 - 17:24

Do it!  It matters.  I believe we must pay forward all the work accomplished in 2007-present.  We build &  Reinvent A New Direction.  I just donated again. I wont be going out on the town this coming weekend!  Money well saved & well spent! Your Turn. Spread it.

Which politician has done the most damage to the MSM's credibility?

harley9883 Fri, 01/01/2016 - 15:00

Which 2016 candidate, has desimated the MSM's credibility the most? 

0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
7% (2 votes)
23% (7 votes)
0% (0 votes)
50% (15 votes)
None of the above.
20% (6 votes)
Total votes: 30