The American Creed

gptnomoney Thu, 12/31/2015 - 17:42

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I wish you had written the correct title on your subject line!

'The American Creed' was written by William Tyler Page in 1917, makes everyone subject to the Constitution and alludes to the collective people of America when the actual title for what's written  on that signpost is 'An American's Creed' or just 'My Creed', was written in 1952 by Dean Alfange and speaks of the INDIVIDUAL, self-reliance and economic freedom. Alfange won an award from The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for his creed.

Maybe it's difficult to get away from collectivist thought and speech now that it's so well embedded into our society - though I have no trouble seeing it when I do.

Hope you can change your subject line so proper credit can be given and so all those individuals out there can find it or research the author easier.

A comparison of the two:

Laugh. It makes you feel good.

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Who wrote this? I like it.


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tks for this

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