Felony Friday Podcast Ep. 002: Animal Abuse, Recording Cops and ‘Finders Keepers’ Law

Jao171 Fri, 01/15/2016 - 15:19

On this episode of the Felony Friday Podcast host John Odermatt is joined by the man know as the “Godfather” of the Lions of Liberty, Howard Snowdon. Howie shares what originally turned him on to liberty during his youth and explains why he has grown so passionate about criminal justice reform specifically.

Howie and John kick off the felony discussion with the FBI’s change that makes animal abuse to a Class A felony, a topic that is surely near and dear to many folks. They share their thoughts on whether they believe animal abuse should be a felony and question the reasons why activities like horse or dog racing are not viewed as being abusive. Next, Howie and John discussed legislation proposed in Arizona that would criminalize the recording of cops in public. The state senator proposing this legislation claims the motivation for this legislation stems from his time-serving as a police officer when he was distracted by the famous Wilson Pickett. You can’t make this stuff up!

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All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.
Immanuel Kant

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Thanks for having me on Odie, always fun talking about liberty!


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Hearing you two talk about liberty without me! Great job dudes. 

I think when it comes to animals we have to distinguish between natural rights and man-made rights. It's pretty clear that granting animals the same natural rights we generally agree humans should have doesn't hold up to scrutiny. 

But at the same time there is a natural inclination for humans not to want to see animals needlessly suffer, and should have every right to contract with each other to prevent this activity on their adjoined property. 

What  makes the present system so messy is that natural rights and man-made rights are viewed as the same thing. 

Live long...and live free