James Perloff reviewed my book!!

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on January 14, 2016
A superb finish to the trilogy. Fast-paced, mixing action and suspense with humor, and fiction with reality. The author was an alternate delegate at the 2012 GOP Tampa Convention, supporting Ron Paul. The book gives you a first-hand view of the invidious ways in which Ron Paul was denied a nomination, and how the convention was little more than a pre-scripted media show for Mitt Romney. At the same time, this novel fills in some missing pieces of the mysteries encountered in the first two volumes, stemming from the dark side of the defense industry (in which the author really worked). From banksters to Truthers, from prim Republican garden-party ladies to foreign-born female assassins,THE BIG SHOW takes you on an exciting, panoramically human journey that enlightens as it entertains.
Today is the last day of the Kindle book giveaway.  PLEASE  go there and download a copy.  It's FREE.  And mostly, tell your friends about the book.  Interestingly, collectors items of this book have already started to appear on Amazon.  I don't know how to tell you this - but this book is GOOD.  The whole series of Security Through Absurdity won GoodReads Best New Series for 2014. 
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I'll write a review when I get through it.  I don't have a Kindle but use their free software on my PC to view books so I take it slowly. 

"One o' these days, I gotta have a lonnng talk with that boy."

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Please know that every time you see the name of a REAL corporation  know that it is a REAL FACT. 

I only changed up the names of the nominees so that the uninitiated wouldn't get all freaked out that what they were really reading is a contemporary historical fiction.  :-D 

::fiction is the new history:: www.rachaellmcintosh.com