Waking up is hard to do. Snowden a tool.

Isabella sj Fri, 01/15/2016 - 07:58

Snowden revelation? This article makes a lot of sense. Don't believe anything that is advertised. I do not like feeling this way. https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/cia-denies-request-for-inf...

Question EVERYTHING. So, then Elsberg Pentagon Papers and the others are tools too? hmm.

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I went to Popular Liberty looking for silver education and I got GOLD. Thank YOU Question more. https://youtu.be/3eA4OHW8v2k https://youtu.be/mgm8qYEFKwc
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understand. The point was to point to the war between different departments and department heads within the so called gov. Each arguing for the chunk of power and $.

A while back the notion, that Snowden was a tool from within for those that believe in the Constitution to get the news out one way or another. He is not the only one that feels betrayed. There are many. He is the chosen one at least this is my believe.

The same applies to Demsey sharing intel with Assad. Like I shared in Popular Liberty before my favorite movie of PEACE "The search for Red October" .

Doesn't it make you question why Snowden said in one of the interviews "I am a trained Spy". Isn't the job of Spy to create the necessary conditions to attain a specific outcome? There's a lot we don't know and that is the message. The unknowns are still unknown. There are hidden messages within the messages. I'm betting that some new big revelation is coming that will support that which Rand and Ron are working to share with the American public.

I went to Popular Liberty looking for silver education and I got GOLD. Thank YOU Question more. https://youtu.be/3eA4OHW8v2k https://youtu.be/mgm8qYEFKwc

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Are these "famous" whistleblowers also CIA?




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Yes, and you forgot Daniel Ellsberg too. In fact, everyone who has ever whistleblown on the government, for any reason, is a CIA operative who acted to distract us from the true evil taking place - the grand conspiracy to keep every  word or thought from Ron or Rand from reaching the mass of voters who would otherwise immediately hear the freedom call and vote out the powers that be. 

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Idiotic speculation. The CIA us going to reflexively attempt to reject EVERY FOIA as a matter of basic policy. Reading from this that this is proof they're attempting to hide his records because he's still working for them simply does not follow logically. 

Questioning that Snowden's access to the data he released is not believable is incredibly naive. I worked in IT for 40 years, some of it in government employ. Server admins routinely have access to pretty much everything on the server assuming they're smart enough and inclined to want to access. That's just how it works, folks. This nincompoop is evidently clueless about IT.

You know what bothers me most about posts like this? It displays the ignorance of the commenters who buy into this conspiracy nonsense. I'm all for questioning everything, but I'm also for coming to logical conclusions based on that questioning.

Get a clue, folks. Ed Snowden is one of the good guys. His sacrifice is something to be respected.

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My first red flag was that he leaked his "secret" documents to the Guardian which is a mouthpiece of the State. The second red flag was the nature of the "secret" material leaked. There was nothing even mildly earth shattering about any of the "revelations". The third red flag was his assertion that the US had prior intelligence on the terrorists that brought down the WTC but failed to act. After that, I've pretty much ignored all the press statements about Edward Snowden.

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I feel Rand and Ron are both a tool of the CIA also.

They both uncover things and make up things that are opposed to what the government does. They take the brunt of the media and party slander to hide their shadows of deceit.

That was too long a article, that was too thought out to just try to change peoples minds.

Let's get back to Liberty and Freedom.
Trump is working with the Establishment.

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Yep, Ron and Rand are beyond a shadow of a doubt both CIA operatives. Their mission was to distract GOP voters, and convince enough of us to turn away from consequential conservative candidates so that the commie democrats obtain and retain power. Clearly, they are being paid by the DNC. Thankfully, the brain trust at Fox News is now onto the conspiracy - that's the real reason Rand was not invited to participate in last night's debate.

ted Cruz, too, is an operative. His objective is to win the nomination, after which the DNC will bring suit to disqualify him from the presidency based on his not being a natural born citizen. This is all being controlled, of course, by Goldman Sachs.

trump, of course, is being paid by Hillary. But everybody already knows that.

Jeb Bush is the genuine Liberty candidate.  The seemingly contradictory to liberty actions of his father and brother were planned well I advance, so no one would suspect Jeb of being the reincarnation Thomas Jefferson. Once in office, Jeb will return us to constitutional government. 

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at it's finest.

I went to Popular Liberty looking for silver education and I got GOLD. Thank YOU Question more. https://youtu.be/3eA4OHW8v2k https://youtu.be/mgm8qYEFKwc

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I do think Ted is an operative to syphon constitutional voters away from Rand Paul


I do think Trump and Hillary are in cahoots.  It would take several long paragraphs for me to explain the evidence that supports this.

So i guess I have a tin foil had but at least mine is tri-cornered and I pledge to wear it proudly.


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You don't just have a tin foil hat, Anne, you're evidently clothed in tin foil from head to toe. I do hope you wake up to reality at some point soon. I like your site, it has a chance to become an important center for libertarian activism, but not if the site becomes conspiracy central. 

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Ted Cruz is a copy cat to siphon from Rand

Trump is making the GOP look just like the Dems say it is.

Christie is the dog that won't stop barking

Jeb is..............well........Jeb.

Everybody else is just there to split the numbers.

Forgot one: Enter Gary Johnson, on cue, to further divide the vote.

It's Paul against All. Just like the last two.



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So everyone's reason for being in the game is to stop Rand. Seriously? 

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Only Rand is a threat to thier power.


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And give it to Hitlery. It's her turn you know.


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Has anyone ever asked him if he still is a CIA agent?

Should we then be denouncing the Paul's and celebrating the Christie's for wanting him tried as a traitor?

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Articles questions are very contradictable to the to the same articles own statements.  Stuff like this is just to get the liberty "conspiracy nuts" to go against Snowden.  Its all part of the plan, get back in line you conspiracy government haters.  Snowden is a good guy.  Government has more control over the conspiracy guys than they those people think.

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Real whistleblowers do not get famous. You may rest assured there is no satisfaction in "I told you so."


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He's famous, Fishy, because of the news coverage. To believe that his fame is proof that he's a CIA operative requires one to believe that Greenwald, Poitras, Wikileaks were either all in the conspiracy too, or tools.  Snowden wouldn't be famous without them.

so which is it? Is Glenn Greenwald an ignorant fool being used by the evil CIA or is he an evil CIA agent himself?Or does it make more sense that he's an incredibly brave and doggedly determined civil rights libertarian? How did he act prior to the Snowden revelation?  How has he acted since?