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The Pen Sat, 08/13/2016 - 17:51

I haven't posted for some time, and purposefully. I've vaulted that mark that is 730 days shy of a fourth decade of life and haven't felt this good since my early 20's. I've been fortunate to find role models that have led to the practice of moving and building my body, respecting it a little more and helping it facilitate stabilization and overall mobility. I see no reason why age should dictate health. This nation's truest and ugliest power is assisting and remaining complicit to the deterioration of health in those who may or may not claim citizenship here. Why are so many people sick? And why is diet and exercise used as indemnity by those who continue to administer and advise for pharmaceutical over movement?

Walking saved my health. Four months ago I began walking as running is hard on my joints. It's enlightening that with age comes the capacity for growth by learning from mistakes of the past. We all aren't made to sprint and run our way to physical health. We all aren't meant to lift extreme weight in order to find physical prowess. There is a glimmer of a start for everyone, and it is a matter of finding that glimmer. I am in the best shape of my last 18 years of life and it only took me four months to get here. I have more to live for in health, more to aspire to in respecting my body for what it can become.

It all started with seeing a man climb a rock face without ropes or strings or protection, and four months later that glimmer cannot be defeated.

PEace and LOve always!

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knows you may listen ,so here goes.....

Want new knees? (so you CAN RUN IF YOU CHOOSE TO>?) then its time to remember a food from your youth.....JELLO JELLO JELLO! yes thats it eat it 3x a day (or more is better) in 6 weeks to 6 months YOUR KNEES WILL BE AS GOOD AS NEW! (really!!)

Also, arthritis, etc will vanish (should you have any) if you are in to supplements, you can take a gelatin supplement as well. all your cartilage will be renewed and will regrow...ie more will grow! (In jello its usually beef cartilage, which seems to work best)

hope this helps you feel better even more than you do!

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Nice to hear Pen I too have been walking 3 to 5 miles per day. I have dropped over 30 lbs., went down two notches on the belt. Feeling much better than last summer when I had retinal detachment in my right eye and the curtain as they say was coming down. I found out I was borderline diabetic which they say contributed to my eye problems.
Since, I have taken control and watch my diet with exercise, don't need the pills that much which I hope to get rid of completely.
Because of also having diverticulitis on aa low carb diet, it makes it hard on what I can eat, especially now that I have to watch the carbs. But, by walking it allows me to be a little bit more lenient on the carbs which helps.
Glad to hear are doing and feeling better. Keep it up, stay healthy, but would like to read some of your posts now and then.. lolol
Walking is good. It is an excellent way to get in shape without over stressing your body.
Take care Pen, nice to hear from you.....

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