WATCH: Sy Hersh Meets the Press>Biden Blew Up the Nord Stream pipelines (VIDEO 1 HOUR 25 MIN)

Tomoye Thu, 03/16/2023 - 14:26

The Committee for the Republic hosted investigative reporter Seymour Hersh at the National Press Club in Washington Tuesday evening to speak about his Nord Stream reporting. Watch the replay on Consortium News.

Start at 2:00 min mark to get good sound

@23:30min mark "How you do it"

@32:00min mark "He did it." (Biden blew up the pipelines)

@36:20 min mark What happened to Building 7 on 911? (the big smoking gun on who did 9/11). 

@54:00min mark  Who is running Joe Biden?   

@1:08 hour mark  WH press corps is so tied to the beat...daily press "getting nothing but pablum."

I trust Pulitzer Prize-winning, legendary journalist Seymour Hersh heads and shoulders above AP/fake media owned by corporate globalists and think USG's blaming this on Russia is ludicrous.The claim Russia blew up its own pipeline is just as fake as the bogus idea that Putin wants to "wipe out" Ukraine. He went into Ukraine to rescue the ppl being terrorized in eastern Ukraine by neo-Nazi Ukraine war criminals brutalizing citizens since 2014 when we toppled a democratic leader and facilitated a neo-Nazi infiltrated govt still terrorizing Ukrainian citizens today.  We have invaded more countries than anyone else on the planet in the name of protecting the citizen population which is what Putin was asked to do by citizens in eastern Ukraine.

 Americans who woke up to who did 9/11 (Zionist Israel-Firsters, Mossad agents plus dual citizen/neocon Bush officials and insiders) will have no problem digesting Seymour Hersh's description of who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines.  The good news is that Hersh was given a National Press Club forum to air his version of the pipelines sabotage. 9/11 was by contrast a complete cover up so we had to put all the bits and pieces together since there was no one like Hersh to help us navigate through the propaganda. Hersh says it's "just lies" coming out on Ukraine. He says there is "something wrong" with the pipelines story (he was asked about the similar "something wrong" with how Building 7 fell on its own on 9/11 (it was not hit by an airplane).

The story is Seymour Hersh "published a shocking article5 claiming the sabotage was carried out by U.S. Navy divers during BALTOPS 22, a NATO exercise that took place in the Baltic Sea in June 2022. Three months later, the planted explosives were remotely detonated, destroying the two pipelines. According to Hersh:6[Newsweek, Feb 8 2023]Biden’s own words said he was going to destroy it.

How This U.S. Lie Could Lead to War

(scroll down to 2nd & 3rd (Seymour Hersh) screen shots 10 min & 33 min videos)

FACT: The USG is guilty of planning and executing false flags. The pipelines sabotage is nothing new.





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