War or Appeasement?

tpreitzel Fri, 12/24/2021 - 13:18

Isn't it amusing to see certain segments of American society steadfastly deny the reality of impending Civil War? When people no longer compromise, then conflict results. It's simple, stupid. Even Alex Jones is transitioning from a state of being an "info" war to a "reset" war, or a war of dominion. Sure, the CIA and any number of federal agencies, including the Pentagon, want another Civil War to finish the fascist takeover of the USA that has been brewing since 1865. So, what? On our current course, tt's going to happen sooner than later regardless of the federales branding certain segments of society as justification. Our current state of looming conflict has been planned for more than a hundred years. Oh, but let's not be reactionary. We, the people, should just continue to take it from the federales according to some on the so-called "right". Such people are heavily invested in the  world and have a lot to lose if a Civil War resumes. Sure, troops might soon be on the streets rounding up the branded, but it's inevitable anyway. Such action by the federales will finally silence the pretense of the USA being anything other than a centalized fascist state since 1865. Everyone's eyes will be open at that point. State governments and the people will have to decide how to defend themselves in light of such blatant tyranny. Do you honestly believe that I don't want to treat these fascist left-wingers similarly? If the balance of power were swapped, I'd be rounding these fascist left-wingers up, hunting them down,even in other countries, and executing many of them after a trial for treason. I certainly wouldn't have kissed their filthy asses, i.e. appeased the enemies of our former republic, like President Trump did while in office. I want justice and to accomplish it will either require blood of the fascist left-wing traitors or peaceful secession. No further compromise is possible in prolonging the pretense of the USA as a constitutional republic. It's not and hasn't been for a long time which recent events have clearly demonstrated.

Heck, I want these fascist traitors hunted down too. America, you need to hold a mirror to your face and stare in it for a long time until you can see the hypocrisy in yourself. Dear Lord, grant me a state of peaceful secession from this evil madness, please.

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