Q Psyop

StandUp4Liberty Tue, 01/26/2021 - 07:53

This is exactly what the Q psyop was intended to accomplish. Mix elements of truth and plausible theories with completely outrageous claims to discredit the entire Q movement and followers so none of it is ever taken seriously again. Jordan Slather, the second guy from the left, was in on the scam with Jerome Corsey from the very beginning. Was Trump in on it? He knew what was going on and least took advantage of his supporters. Now they have a pretext to ridicule and label any future attemp to standup to corruption in the government as a cult or domestic terrorism.

Hegelian Dialectic : Problem Reaction Solution

They create the problem, the people react, they offer the preplanned solution. The people inadvertently give up more of their freedoms and Liberties, and they take more control.

Sitting Down with QAnon Conspiracy Theorists - The Jim Jefferies Show - YouTube

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