Rotted "Conservative" Radio Talk Show Host Michael Medved Admitted He Voted For Biden!

pawnstorm12 Wed, 01/20/2021 - 13:39

He admitted it TODAY at 11:28 AM on KIRO radio (Seattle) on January 20th.

Now Medved cannot even be called a RINO.

He's a COMPLETE liberal faking it as something else and YET he has a NATIONAL CONSERVATIVE RADIO SHOW???

He is on Radio Station AM 770 KTTH in the Seattle market.

He should be DRUMMED OUT of the republican party and KICKED OFF the radio.

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"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul
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He was part of the Liberal Democrat Jewish movement, that crossed over to the GOP, to deceive conservatives, calling themselves neo-conservatives. He was formerly a leftist pop culture promoter and film analist, before becoming a (sic) conservative talk show host.

Now, that they have completed their agenda, they are now showing their true colors, because now they have control!!


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Honorable Mentions: Max Boot, Carolyn Glick, Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, Daniel Pipe, Norman Podhoretz, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Evan Sayet, Paul Wolfowitz

20) Jeff Jacoby: Columnist
19) Jennifer Rubin: Columnist and blogger for the Washington Post
18) Lucianne Goldberg:
17) Ben Shapiro: Columnist, radio host.
16) Pamela Geller: Blogger, activist, Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America.
15) Ari Fleischer: Former White House Press Secretary, CNN Contributor
14) Ben Stein: American Spectator columnist, actor
13) Ken Mehlman: Former Bush campaign manager, Former RNC Chairman
12) Michael Medved: 3.75 million radio listeners, columnist
11) John Podhoretz: Editor of Commentary, New York Post columnist
10) David Horowitz: FrontPageMagzine, David Horowitz Freedom Center, & Students for Academic Freedom.
9) Dennis Prager: 1.5 radio listeners, columnist
8) Jonah Goldberg: Columnist
7) Michael Savage: 9 million radio listeners
6) William Kristol: Founder and Editor of the Weekly Standard
5) Charles Krauthammer: Columnist, frequent TV appearances
4) Eric Cantor: House Majority Leader
3) Andrew Breitbart:, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Big Peace.
2) Mark Levin: 8.5 million radio listeners
1) Matt Drudge: Founder

"Only well informed citizens can maintain a meaningful resistance against the powers seeking to destroy us. However, when we get to know the truth we must not let it stop there. Information proves its value only when it's used. Spread the message."

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LoL ... I'm not surprised. As I promised, I intend to largely ignore Biden and Harris over the next 4 years. I don't want to see nor hear from either one. I'll be very selective including so-called alternative media to avoid them like the plague. Although I consider myself an Independent, I sometimes side with the GOP. The GOP is filled with RINOs and other spineless creatures. Why is McConnell still in the US Senate? What are McConnell's associations with Communist China? I hope the GOP and other politicial parties focus on the long, long overdue issue of election integrity which we have clearly lost over the past 75 years.  For God's sake, we can't even trust our own vote and haven't been able to trust anyone elected since around 1960. In my opinion, the whole US Congress should be disbanded pending strict oversight of new elections. Trump didn't lie about the stolen election, but McConnell does regularly as several states clearly illegally disobeyed their own legislatures. The current composition of the US Congress is a clear and present danger to our republic. These traitors have their own acolytes in the media and elsewhere... a stench of corruption which runs deep as a result of the distortions wrought by the Civil War. Like I've said previously, I'll sit on the sidelines in the latter days and wait for the inevitable, a resumption of the Civil War in about 15 years. Why 15 years? It's simply a WAG based on my being about 15 years ahead of nearly everyone else's view of the world. ;) I don't want a resumption of the Civil War, but it's absolutely inevitable due to the systemic corruption of more than 150 years which obviously can NOT be fixed through peaceful means or it would have already occurred. Look objectively at the current state of the post 1865 USA .... lockdowns, trashed divine rights. The American people might as well be living in Communist China. A recent statement by supporters of Antifa stated that its supporters (I'm not one) don't want Biden either, they want revenge. Think of that statement a long, long time. I'm willing to be that many, many Americans want "revenge" as well depending on its meaning for the individual. What we witnessed at the Capitol was the beginning of a merger of those Americans seeking "revenge". I laud those Americans with enough balls to seek redress for some perceived wrong and it was a refreshing sight to behold such emboldened Americans on the steps of the US Capitol. Those traitors in the US Congress need to be held accountable and haven't been for a long, long time. Hell, we don't even have an accurate vote. If the US government had actually addressed those perceived grievances in some fashion, the tragic events at the US Capitol wouldn't have occured. Has America arrived at a tragic place? Absolutely, it has unfortunately for those fools in the US Congress and media who cry for peace, yet do absolutely nothing to stop it. I'll paraphrase from a passage in the Holy Bible: cry for peace all you want, but there will be no peace. The implication is that divine judgment of the corrupt must come before peace. If government weenies don't like it, appeal the issue to the divine. Better yet, those government weenies fostering corruption better heed those remarks from Antifa. The government is dealing with a spirit of revenge for perceived wrongs and it's spreading like wildfire. The Medveds of the world are everywhere so trust  no one, including me.

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...I could probably trust you!

Like you I am largely going to ignore this administration I call the POLITBURO. 

King Biden has already abused the executive orders function (as all presidents have since dirty bastard W Bush).

Executive Orders were supposed to be used for emergencies and only on a temporary basis.

NOT to make laws like a KING of old and completely bypass the Congress.

With these orders a president can just DECREE it be done with the stroke of a pen and POOF!, there it is and Congress be damned.

Our founders would be insulted by this bastardiazation of the REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC they gave us.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul

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I DID vote for Trump and have a pic to prove it. However, the question on whether or not it was actually COUNTED and counted CORRECTLY...God only knows!