Rand Paul and Mike Lee Put Constitution over Party

The Rebel Poet Fri, 02/14/2020 - 19:13

It’s easy to vote to constrain the executive branch’s power when the Office Oval is held by a member of the opposite party. It's harder when it involves voting against your own party.

So yes, the 47 Senate Democrats who voted Thursday to pass a war powers resolution restricting President Trump’s ability to wage war against Iran without the constitutionally required congressional approval do deserve credit (although it’s worth noting how many of them weren’t willing to do the same with former President Barack Obama and Libya). But it’s really the eight Senate Republicans who broke with their party in the Thursday vote and helped pass the resolution who deserve the most praise.

Led by outspoken constitutional conservatives Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee, other Republicans who voted for the resolution include Sens. Lamar Alexander, Jerry Moran, Susan Collins, Todd Young, Lisa Murkowski, and Bill Cassidy. Paul described the vote as “a fundamental constitutional debate” that is “bigger than any one senator, bigger than any one president, bigger than any political party.” Lee added that limiting the president’s ability to wage unconstitutional war “doesn’t show weakness. ... That shows strength.”

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