General Kelly Really Leaving ... Really?

tpreitzel Fri, 12/07/2018 - 14:47

LoL... How many times has Roger Stone predicted similar incidents in the past? Roger has been predicting Kelly's departure for more than a year. Infowars is right yet again even if most of those predictions do NOT, thankfully, materialize or require years, even DECADES to manifest. ;) Infowars' content is NOT investigative journalism, it's largely speculation and conjecture based on questionable, covert informants. Where are the sources? Where is the accuracy, i.e. a singular prediction which manifests within days, not years? There is little such accuracy from Infowars because the content is primarily speculation, not investigative journalism. Hey, Roger, I predict our sun's output will begin a noticeable decline eventually, too. In case that prediction seems a bit extreme, I predict President Trump will likely depart the POTUS NLT January of 2025. ;) If facts change as events shift over time, one certainly should question the reliability of the source(s) and keep those shifting events private until the facts are firm and the source(s) deemed reliable. Bah, humbug, it's much easier and more playful to sling mud as early and frequently as possible to eventually claim accuracy when a speck of mud finally dries on the wall. ;)


Personally, I think printed media has a place. It's secure and only editable through printed retraction. The responsibility of producing an accurate and reliable paper rests solely  on the shoulders of the authors and printer. I'd like to see a thoroughly researched, relevant paper consisting of 5 pages and produced once a week. Every paragraph in the paper would require a reference and brief excerpt of the citation. Likely, 2 pages of the 5 would consist of a bibliography. Even producing 3 pages of news once a week would likely require a small group of thoroughly talented and dedicated researchers. Someone can freely take this idea and run with it. Maybe, you can be the next billionaire. ;)

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