Surfing and Liberty

Isabella sj Tue, 02/09/2016 - 13:34

What does surfing have to do with Liberty? Life is an ocean full of waves. Each one different yet the same. To be a good surfer one has to work at it. A surfer works out, goes into the ocean of possibilities, sees the opportunity and rides with gusto. Becoming the master. It's just like rodeo. Liberty education is the same. The surf is good when there are rocks. A beach without rocks usually is not that great for surfing. The surfer knows that a wrong move will throw his body onto those rocks. Caution, expertise and opportunity make a wonderful martini of excitement and triumph. Let's go surfing for Liberty waves no matter how many rocks come our way. courtesy of pure PureDIGITALMaui Dr. Paul eloquently tells us on:

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I went to Popular Liberty looking for silver education and I got GOLD. Thank YOU Question more.
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