New user/login issues solved?

Gardener Sat, 12/02/2017 - 11:17

When this site started it got loads of sign ups really fast. It was sending lots of emails out to verify the account in a short period of time. That got the site blacklisted as a spam bot and was blocked by many servers so people were not getting the confirmation email. I did a check to see if the "" is blacklisted as a spam site and it is all clear. It seems the blacklist only lasts a few months or shorter but it's all good now.

The private messaging is fine and working. I tested that several times.

I need to update the version of Drupal that this is running on which I'll do at 2am one morning this week so it will be down an hour or so.

This site is running off of my rented server which I have had since 2006 for my printing business (remember those free Ron Paul 2012 dayglow green stickers?). I didn't set up the site and my friend in Canada (Drupal expert) was helping Anne when she set it up and correcting errors. I'm looking at what was installed and disabled and trying to figure out what was being done. Baby steps.

I just need to know if any of you are getting errors when posting or any errors at all.

I haven't seen any errors but the hosting company has upgraded the server since last year.

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Can I comment again ?
Great, I can....good job. :)


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