Will it be four NeoCons a Braggart and a Chameleon?

Ron Aldof Mon, 01/11/2016 - 14:40

With new polls released, Kasich likely to make prime-time GOP debate

"With second-place ties in two newly released New Hampshire polls today, Ohio Gov. John Kasich almost certainly would qualify for the prime-time stage of Thursday’s GOP presidential debate – presuming Fox News counts at least one of the surveys.

Kasich is tied at 14 percent in the American Research Poll with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio behind Donald Trump’s 25 percent.

Even more important, Kasich is 6 percentage points ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – his main competitor for the fifth and final qualifying slot from the most recent New Hampshire polls. (Bush likely will still make the main stage because of his standing in national polls.)

In the Monmouth University Poll, Kasich also is at 14 percent but tied with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas behind Trump’s 32 percent. The Ohio governor is 10 points ahead of Bush."

"Certain to make the 9 p.m. debate in Charleston, S.C.: Manhattan businessman Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Bush probably will make the big stage as well because of his standing in national polls.

Like Kasich, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is on the bubble, at risk of not qualifying for the main event. The lineup is scheduled to be unveiled on Fox Business starting at 7 tonight."

These polls are rigged. Kasich? Seems like they treat this guy like a lost child. We find out tonight


More at The Columbus Dispatch: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2016/01/11/tv-network-has-...

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the first election with a real chance of an outsider winning since 92.





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this debate will matter much. Everyone is focus on football.  Superbowl is not that far away.

I am curios to see what the debate viewership numbers will be, if Rand isn't on stage.  The more the establishment puppets talk, they more they do themselves in.  It's  likely that they will let Paul in, say he barley made it, therefore he must be weak. It's a containment strategy. Kicking him off makes that very difficult to do.  

Rand would be able to build monstrous momentum if we were not in the Debate and perform in the top three in both Iowa and New Hampshire.  He may not win, but it builds a stronger and stronger case that the Mainstream Media is fucking irrelevant. Makes it harder for them to push a fucking puppet on us.  

It probably won't happen. But I would be LMFAS to watch the media try and spin it, if Rand wins both... somehow.  O wait, they will blame this on football.

Those who are; are those whom are not.

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would participate in the under card for the simple fact that he'd be in the center and would have considerably more air time. He could use that free air time to blast the msm and their worthless polls while at the same time letting viewers know how his campaign has bigger crowds and has managed to raise more money from the grassroots than other candidates. Regardless, I stand by, and back Rand's decision.


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Not sure if they will count the ARP poll, they hadn't before but they might use Monmouth which CNN counted

Rand is in a literal tie with Bush nationally and in Iowa using polls Fox has used before, in NH Rand is polling better but obviously Christie, NH is his backyard and the others like Kasuck who are picking up the Liberal votes Rubio hasn't been able to grab.  In addition, Fox would have a hard time including a Kasuck because he polls well in NH but nowhere nationally or in Iowa and not include Rand who has been either 5th or 6th nationally in about 6 polls this cycle.