We've got 3 days - Here's a few ideas that may help

ecard71 Mon, 01/11/2016 - 20:40

Someone posted this on FB. Spread it around:

Swarm their facebook page and tell Fox what you think of their decision (like Rand comments and post your own!):

Call them and speak your mind:

By email, write to:



Sign this petition to get Paul onto the main stage (signatures are coming in fast):

Spam these hashtags on FB and Twitter. #StandWithRand #LetRandDebate #RandPaul2016 #DebateBlackout
Let's get Rand Trending!

WE HAVE A VOICE! Stand up for Rand! He stands for you!

I would add making a donation SPECIFICALLY DURING the debate!

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"If it is serious that Rand Paul has been relegated to the 'undercard' debate, namely as it would put his candidacy 6 feet so, then surely it is serious that your decision, based on polls of poor demographical subjection or considerations for the youth in how surveyed, will attempt to censor a message that you increasingly want your viewers to hear less of, so it seems. Has Donald Trump filibustered in defense of any of your liberties lately, ever? Have Ted Cruz and Chris Christie not frightened you enough with their temperaments and yearnings for inciting war and continued death in the Middle East? Has Marco Rubio's record of attendance at his 'job' in the Senate not made any of you question his regard for the earning of his wages, made so possible by The People?

Rand Paul has said more in protection of your liberties than any other candidate on that stage. He has pointed out the fact that this country just hasn't signed the bankruptcy papers yet, but they are drawn up. And he is the most, by far even-tempered when it comes to foreign policy. If these things alone are enough to call for his exclusion, then you have made it clear that he is the only viable and worthy candidate. It would have been a better move to allow the message of liberty, if only to be lost to deaf ears. But to exclude it and deny the voters their duty to vote, you have shown a most unfortunate side to your 'positions of liberty'."
I tried emailing twice and received immediate failure notifications. I think they shut down the ability to email in. They're so stupid it is laughable.

Patriots Unite!

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x a million

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As always

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any others we can try


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Try this one:



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Same problem here.


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Sent an email