VOTE on Greatawire

Ron Aldof Mon, 01/11/2016 - 22:18

Rand Paul way in the lead!





















Make it count!!! Show the bastards!!!



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#IStandWithRandAndLiberty! Let's get back to Liberty and Freedom. Trump is working with the Establishment.
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Let FauxNews know the people are on to their bs.  Cast your vote for Paul on this one too:  Read the comments and maybe post one yourself,  before FauxNews closes the section and deletes the great backlash of comments being made there.  Send them the message in no uncertain terms!


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Absolutely pathetic this country has become. Relegating the only Constitutionalist and Even-Tempered candidate to his made-in-America death throws is exactly what he needs right now. Rand will take this to the end. He has stated it many times.

Patriots Unite!

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Thank you.

Liberty brings people together - Ron Paul

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number 1