Texas cop charged with lying in jailhouse death case

JD Thu, 01/07/2016 - 14:08

Chicago (AFP) - A Texas state trooper involved in a controversial arrest of a black woman who was found dead in her jail cell was indicted on perjury charges, US prosecutors said Wednesday.

A dashcam video captured trooper Brian Encinia, who is white, holding a stun gun and shouting "I will light you up!" after getting into an argument with Sandra Bland during a traffic stop in July.

The video went viral after Bland's family disputed the coroner's conclusion that she committed suicide, insisting Bland was happy about starting a new job and had no reason to kill herself just three days after her arrest.



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Any common sense knows this woman was murdered and did not commit suicide. Encinia and his cronies are guilty of murder and will never spend a day in jail. The fact that people who commit heinous crimes like this can actually live with themselves proves that there is no hope for humanity as they are every bit as ruthless and brutal as any member of ISIS.