Richard Fisher admits Stock Markets are Fake

VR Thu, 01/07/2016 - 00:59


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Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Fed, is one of the richest of the 12. He accrued a portfolio of at least $21 million after working 22 years in the financial industry as a banker, stock broker and hedge fund manager.

Fisher owns more than 7,000 acres in Texas, Georgia, Iowa and Missouri, in addition to more than $1 million in SPDR's Gold Trust (GLD), and at least $50,000 in platinum and uranium each.

He also holds common stock in at least 43 companies, including more than $500,000 in Google (GOOG, Fortune 500).

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still did his part to screw this country and no amount of his backpedaling now will ever change that.  Yeah, he voted against more QE but anyone who was in the select group in the first place is not to be trusted.  I give this man no credit whatsoever.