It is Time to Audit the Fed | Rand Paul

BaneMaler Sat, 01/09/2016 - 15:11

Share now and contact your Senators!

The vote is for Tuesday, January 12th.

We can target these 10 Senators specifically to get them on the record and co-sponsor.


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Rubio and Bill Nelson. Rubio is a cosponser. I wonder if he will show up to vote. Do I need to bother calling him?  Nelson is almost certain to be a no vote. He is a big government statist. Oddly enough I went to a catholic high school with his son and daughter. Their mom is like a Stepford wife, the daughter was like an older JonBenet Ramsey and the son was goofy and tried so hard to be popular.  I remember he got arrested after one of his dad's re-election parties a few years back for public intoxication and resisting arrest. He was with a girl who was passed out on the sidewalk. I bet his dad was proud. 

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to reach.  However, there are good reasons to write anyway. (or better yet , call the local office branches!)

1. If you call the local branch office, the local staffer is more likely to communicate your message than not.(Even if they don't, you do communicate your view to them.) If you write, it may be more effective to type out a letter than to send a letter completely provided by some advocacy group. Downsize DC provides a basic lead and leaves the rest for you to compose, you can register at

2. You can give staffers something to think about, especially if you both call and write.

3. You can share your letters to Congress with others, encouraging them to write as well.

4. If you share your letter here, or with your local newspaper, you justify your cause to others as the Founders did with the Declaration of Independence.

5. If you use the Downsize DC system, you have the tools to quickly respond to large issues.

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It appears he is on the Campaign for liberty top 10 list for Senators not on the record for auditing the fed.  See if yours is on the list or at least challenge their position and encourage them to support this bill!

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
Never Be Defeated!