Hillary: ‘Better Prison Food’ Should Be America’s Top Priority

crabacado Fri, 01/01/2016 - 01:49

From Mcaffee http://mcaf.ee/ovjq31

Hillary Clinton has developed a sudden appetite for reforming America's correctional system.

Amidst speculation that she herself could face jail time over the growing email scandal engulfing her candidacy, the former Secretary of State announced today a series of "vital and urgent" proposals to improve conditions in federal women's prisons.

"We can't wait until the next president is elected," she told an audience of supporters in Concord, New Hampshire this morning, "We need to make women's prison reform a priority right here, right now.

"Did you know that over 70,000 federal prisoners are raped every year? Did you know 98% of prison showers are unsanitary? Did you know that inmates are never allowed to use Blackberries, iPads and other internet-connected devices?

"As an American these statistics are deeply troubling. And we need decisive action on these issues soon - preferably in the next few months."

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So now we have Hillary here along with Donald? (I'm referring to members, not posts)


A man who chops his own wood is warmed by it twice

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She will not end weed as a schedule one drug..she will lose half the vote...Please sweet Jesus...I hope she does!!!that will grow 'our' numbers even more!!!!


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She needs to spend some money to get her room, cough, I mean cell ready, you know fully decked out with all the latest mod cons, private in cell email servers and so on. So she needs a budget to hide that expenditure in.


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I'm trying to prepare a soft landing for my big ass.

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I wish someone else was championing this but I have to share that there really is an issue with Prison food. Especially if you are in a County Facility with a sentence of less than a year. In some locations inmates are committing second crimes while incarcerated just to get a sentence of at least a year just so that they can go to the fed "Big house" and get enough daily carbs and food that is actually edible. So I'm not sure why she is worried, if she goes down it will probably be a year or more in a fed facility where the food is just fine. lol

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