Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America

DjPe5h Thu, 12/31/2015 - 14:24

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush, Catherine Austin Fitts blows the whistle on how the financial terrorists have deliberately imploded the US economy and transferred gargantuan amounts of wealth offshore as a means of sacrificing the American middle class. Fitts documents how trillions of dollars went missing from government coffers in the 90's and how she was personally targeted for exposing the fraud.

If you haven't seen this, it's a must watch to understand the economic and political framework around us. Filmed in 2011.

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Thanks for the link. I really like Catherine, I've seen her many times on USA watchdog and I really think she is very bright and sees what is going on in the world in a very good overall view. What I mean by that is that she sees the problem as both a financial and a humanitarian problem and that the solutions have to come from both aspects. I have never seen this video and even though a few years old now, a lot of what she talks about here still rings very true today..A must see.

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