Campbell's Soup to start GMO labeling

Jed Clampett Sun, 01/10/2016 - 05:58

"The maker of Goldfish crackers and Pepperidge Farm cookies said it would advocate for Congress to require all foods and beverages regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the Agriculture Department to be “clearly and simply labeled” for genetically modified ingredients. It added that it would withdraw from all efforts led by industry groups that oppose such measures."

Source: LINK

While I don't like Capbell's Soup I'm really happy that they are doing this on their own.  As the article said that 92% of people are in favor of GMO labeling I think this will help their sales in the long run.  Maybe it will catch on when other companies see how well this does.

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Seems odd, they have never been put on any non-GMO watchdog groups list of consumables.  They can better champion the cause by becoming the top brand ever to make the leap and guarantee non-GMO in their products and be approved by reliable 3rd party sources.

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