Buzzfeed Guilt by Association: This Is Just Awful! Slamming Paul because Bundy donated

Jed Clampett Sat, 01/09/2016 - 08:51

The Bundy sons donated money to Ron Paul's campaign!  Isn't that just like what a crazed gun owner would do?

This article is so bad: LINK

Read the comments underneath the article too.

for those who don't want the feed the Buzzfeed beast, here's the a few excerpts:

Ryan and Ammon Bundy, the two adult sons of controversial rancher Cliven Bundy, were repeat donors to the presidential campaigns of Ron Paul in 2007, 2008, and 2012, respectively.

The Bundy sons are currently leading the large group occupying the small government buildings at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and part of a protest against the federal government and the impending imprisonment of two Oregon ranchers.

Ryan Bundy donated several hundred dollars to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008, Federal Election Committees records show. Similarly, Ammon Bundy $500 in 2012 and $1,000 in 2008 to the elder Paul.


The Bundy family was controversially involved in a standoff with the federal government over the Bureau of Land Management’s assertion that he owed $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees. The standoff became a cause célèbre for many libertarians and conservatives until it was revealed by the New York Times that Bundy made racist comments about “the negro.”

Some buzz feed comments:


Dale Holmgren ·

The Bundys frequently ate at McDonalds. McDonalds has refused to weigh in on the grazing fee controversy, leading us to believe that McDonalds, and perhaps the entire food industry, is secretly in favor of the OVERTHROW OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

This is such a hack article trying to make associations look ominous. Knock it off.

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Mitchell Eubank ·

You won't be laughing when the McLizard people take over.

Like · Reply · 1 · Jan 4, 2016 2:03am


Mitchell Eubank ·

The bias is strong with this one.

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Hal Cranmer ·

..And the reporters wonder why so many people love seeing Trump make mincemeat of the media?

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Lionel Jefferson Griffith

This reporter is such a hack and hater of the Pauls.

Like · Reply · 10 · Jan 3, 2016 4:57pm


Glenn York ·

Houston, Texas

Looks like the reporter got a well deserved slap down via the comments. Good job everyone.

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Linda Galeazzi ·

And? Is this the whole story?

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Anthony Ventarola ·

Check Andrew Kaczynski's contribution records

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Jackie Fenaroli ·

It is time for a slap down on government overreach! I stand with Rand!

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Roger Smith

The 'Ben Smith Falls For Hoax Claiming Cliven Bundy Is Suing Obama, Saw Him Selling “Muslim Oils” Wearing Wig And Mustache…' story was more entertaining and substantive.

Like · Reply · 1 · Jan 4, 2016 1:22pm

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"The standoff became a cause célèbre for many libertarians and conservatives until it was revealed by the New York Times that Bundy made racist comments about “the negro.”"

My god, what people won't do to bring down the Paul's by racism, even if by some 'association' through donation. I donated to Ron Paul in 2012 several times, but that in no way associates Ron Paul with anything I do or say with my own personal liberties. I don't understand how these 'journalists' are able to get published under such ludicrous assessments.

Patriots Unite!

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Maybe these types of hit pieces will fall to the wayside as people make a mockery of these supposed reporters.

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