Socialist Allure and Progressive Paradoxes

Ron Aldof Sun, 01/24/2016 - 02:38



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How about a safe space for recent converts.  You know,  people who just woke up.  It could be a place of learning and enlightenment.  Full of tolerance and patience.  And also ridicule .  What do you say?   These guys aren't bad.  They have no understanding of free market economics.  Let's educate and accept the failures of past generations. Be nice!  I learned that from a previous mentor.  Sun Tzu teaches us to treat "prisoners" better than their own army,  so they might fight for us.  Be true and educate,  peace and love will follow.

"I smoke out of spite" - Bill Hicks

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We should be tolerant and patient,but we can ridicule?   :)



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Ridicule is an art.  It's a way to be truthful and funny.  But it deserves respect.  I prefer to be nice and cordial but sometimes ridicule is the only thing that works when you're trying to change an opinion.  Sometimes facts, reason, and logic don't go over so well.  So I have developed a strategy that involves patience, tolerance, and ridicule.  When I recognize certain traits I use ridicule immediately to nip certain brainwashing in the bud.  When I see a persons' compassion for an issue I use patience and plant seeds.  I use tolerance when nothing else works.  

"I smoke out of spite" - Bill Hicks

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No one stays in segregated areas and it has the nature of creating an us and them dynamic.  So, a special area is not really going to work per say.  Now, I do intend to have static and organized areas for information and learning.  Thus the reason for the pictures above that don't yet go anywhere.  I just still have to build it and hang the curtains so to speak. 

Your point is well taken, though.  Driving people away through curmudgeonly impatience and condemnation is really not going to help expand our liberty movement.  While trolls shouldn't be tolerated.  Someone asking misguided questions should be given a little more leeway. 

Ok so, the key isn't a special area.  The key is mutual respect.  As long as you are respectful and want to actually discuss ideas then new comers and liberty folk will and should get along nicely.  

Not everyone that comes here though will be open to a polite exchange.  Some will be spammers, slammers,  and dogmatic candidate pushers.  Our job is to be patient long enough to t tell the difference between trolls and liberty diamonds in the rough.

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The problem for me is transferring my thoughts on a keyboard.  I'm more of a talker not a texter.  But I know that I have to crawl before I can walk and walk before I can run.  The whole "safe space" thing is obvious programming. What I meant was exactly what you replied.  People love the Bernie Sanders of the world because they don't understand economics.  Patience really is the key.  Thank you so much for what you do.  I can only imagine the stress and headache involved in playing "whack a troll".  You are an inspiration!  Gotta keep plantin those seeds.

"I smoke out of spite" - Bill Hicks