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Forum topicAmistad Group files emergency petition in Wisconsin after finding 150,000 ‘potentially’ fraudulent ballots JD01 day 2 min ago
Forum topicIf You Like War, You're Going To Love The Biden Administration JD01 day 4 hours ago
Forum topicThousands of doctors declare lockdown harmful to public health | Pearson Sharp Reports JD01 day 5 hours ago
Forum topicDominion Executive: Trump is not going to win. I made f***ing sure of that. JD01 day 5 hours ago
Forum topicCovid-1984 Scamdemic: A Global PsyOp - Research Post StandUp4Liberty2161 day 6 hours ago
Forum topic‘The Republican base is ready to leave the Party’ JD11 day 14 hours ago
Forum topicTime to arm America with facts | Joe Pinion JD01 day 23 hours ago
Forum topicLockdown Backlash: California Is Sick Of Newsom JD02 days 21 min ago
Forum topicMark Dice--They Never Thought We Would Do It JD02 days 2 hours ago
Forum topicChristina Bobb: Democrats pulling mafia tactics JD02 days 4 hours ago
Forum topicLockdown Mania is Un-American | Michelle Malkin JD02 days 23 hours ago
Forum topicData Analysts: Stolen votes confirmed by voters themselves JD03 days 10 min ago
Forum topicWatters' World 11/21/20 | Jesse Watters JD13 days 5 hours ago
Forum topicThey want to lock you down and hurt you | Diamond & Silk JD03 days 8 hours ago
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Forum topicBAD NEWS If You Hate Trump, He’s NOT Going Away JD03 days 21 hours ago
Forum topicWashington State Dems jumping ship?? D4L54 days 11 hours ago
Forum topicClass Warfare: Fed Counterfeiting & Lockdowns Hammer The Poor & Middle Class JD04 days 22 hours ago
Forum topicFreeloader U JD04 days 23 hours ago
Forum topicGeorgia HOLDS OFF on certifying Election Results | Report JD05 days 24 min ago
Forum topicDemocrats Aren't Happy About It --Mark Dice JD05 days 4 hours ago
Forum topicChristina Bobb: Trump won by millions and broke the left’s algorithm. JD05 days 5 hours ago
Forum topicWhoa: Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump JD05 days 6 hours ago
Forum topicTwo House Republicans call for Election Probe | Jim Jordan JD05 days 21 hours ago
Forum topicMajor New Study: No Evidence Masks Work JD05 days 22 hours ago