Rand Paul poised to stage massive upset in Iowa

Freeman15 Sun, 01/24/2016 - 20:32

The Iowa caucuses are just around the corner. But it remains to be seen how they will play out.

Caucuses are unpredictable and they require highly coordinated get-out-the-vote-efforts. Because of that, traditional landline polling isn’t the best indicator of likely outcomes.

With that said, it is significant that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are leading the polls, simply because their numbers far surpass those of everyone else running. But while Cruz is viewed as having the best ground game in Iowa, having consolidated support from the evangelical constituency (led by Bob Vander Plaats) and Rep. Steve King, Trump’s ground game is sorely lacking and he is likely to underperform his poll numbers.

But Cruz isn’t alone in his strength. Another candidate with a great ground game is Rand Paul. Influential Iowa radio host Steve Deace, a Cruz backer, has given Paul top marks for his ground game:


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Only the young and passionate will venture out into a blizzard to do the right thing. Some of the hardcore old timers might, but it's only because they are instilled with that same youthful fire to keep them warm.

If people see Trump lose, they will abandon him. He doesn't inspire loyalty, only the perception of self-worth.

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then the door is wide open for Rand.  I can give two flips about Cruz as he has a natural born citizen problem.  Rubio does too so if they take out Cruz, Rubio will  likely fall in the process.  But, If Trump is exposed as an inflated emperor with no clothes....no actual ground game.... then who's next in line?  Rand Paul that's who.


It seems too good to be possible and maybe it is....  I just know that it all hinges on the fall of Trump.

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he might, for a first time candidate, but I'm telling you Rand has an incredible ground game with the most experience caucus goers with years of hard core caucus experience, in addition half the GOP leadership are still Paul supporters and with college in and over 1000 Precinct captain, from what I remember about 100 more than Ron had, and the former GOP party chair directing the Rand Caucus goers, I would not underestimate Rand, some people are saying 4th or 3rd but I think Rand will do better.  Cruz is on a downward slope losing over 12 points in 10 days.  Rand is starting to rise and he might peak just at the right moment - 9 or 10 days is an eternity in the Iowa Caucus just before it happens.  It should be interesting 


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But I agree, the Paul infrastructure is over a decade old now.  That was always the strategy to exploit that.  At this point it is of no use to argue with an angry redstater about it.  We shall just have to wait and see who was right.

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does very well in Iowa. He needs that momentum for NH to build confidence in voters, as well as to disprove the "accuracy" of the polls and media. Just the same, it would be a disaster if he didn't. I'm also betting (literally) that he wins it!

On another subject, I notice no one has mentioned Trump's age. Wasn't this an issue for Ron 4 years ago (according to the media anyway)? At his age, Trump may very well not last the presidency.