Feds Laugh & Applaud Theft of Private Land

KLK50 Sun, 01/24/2016 - 10:01


“WE’RE THE BAD GUYS. WE COME IN AND TAKE THIS LAND, AND WE ALWAYS TAKE IT FOR LESS THAN IT’S WORTH.” Have you ever wondered if federal bureaucrats have guilt about stealing from people? We’re going to show you a retirement party for someone hailed as “the Acquisition Queen”, where they brag about stealing land, stealing a mine for 5% of its appraised value, and bragging about what they will take next.

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"Have to pay"  implies force.  That force is the barrel of a gun.  Educate yourself.  Learn the law.  Then protect yourselves.  Knowledge is power.  Serve one another.  Love your neighbor and love your enemy.  ( this is just a suggestion ).

"I smoke out of spite" - Bill Hicks

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Thank you for posting!

Liberty brings people together - Ron Paul