American nightmare: Rich, poor and middle-class no more

Freeman15 Sun, 01/24/2016 - 09:28

The US economy is generating breathtaking wealth for an elite minority of the population at the expense of millions of people now tumbling through the gaping cracks of the system. So why do we continue to watch the painful spectacle year after year?

America’s once-glorified middle-class is on its way to being relegated to the history books; an artifact of a bygone era when good-paying jobs, complimented by robust union representation and a supportive government gave millions of American families a sense of security and even prosperity.

Do a Google search on “American Dream” and cynicism and skepticism abounds: Many of the auto-fills that pop up involve angst-filled words like “death,”“a lie” and “leaving America,” according to an analysis of Google Trends data by brokerage firm Convergex. Meanwhile, 69 percent of Americans say the obstacles to realizing the elusive dream are “more severe today than ever”.

Yes, the street is awakening, and I don't mean Wall Street.

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