Pending Improvement Possibilities 1/20/16

Anne Wed, 01/20/2016 - 21:04

A.Visual Design

  1. Brighter colors / hopeful cheerful images
  2. check banner auto resizing issue
  3. Responsive Format for smaller devices
  4. Banner pictures keep changing size making page jump
  5. Banner changes too fast
  6. Banner needs to pause
  7. Remove left navigation column to provide more room
  8. Larger Font?  (unlikely to change)
  9. Change Italics? (unlikely to change)
  10. Different seasons for the tree on the front page (possibly)



  1. 1.Simplified comments
  2. 2.delineation between user messages (color)
  3. 3.Possibly move video URL to the bottom of page or at least below subject
  4. 4.Replies not showing up under the right comments
  5. 5.Content should be sorted newest first
  6. 6.A way to see who voted up and down?  (don’t think this is wise)
  7. Consider removing the Up-Down voting system. (have an inter site poll about it)
  8. Separate police category for abuses maybe Justice and Injustice
  9. hide comment box and have it only appear when needed
  10. Sarcasm tag or <bs> tag if available
  11. make messages "newest first"
  12. Video embed size

C.Navigation Lists

  1. A separate link to past polls
  2. Favorite External site Links
  3. +/- on the right hand side (not available)
  4. Category based sorting 
  5. Unread messages
  6. Mark all read button
  7. Recent Posts in sidebar
  8. Top posts in sidebar
  9. Names in the Recent Comments list
  10. Most recent content should be first on sidebar

D.Static Pages

  1. Linked pages for picture catagories on front page
  2. FAQ section on embedding video, audio, and images.  And other recommendations

E.User profile Page

  1. Better User Profile
  2. To be able to see my posts, comments, and replies
  3. see a post count for the users on this site


  1. connect Twitter and Facebook people to this site
  2. Sensitive Post or Alert area on front page
  3. Look into RSS feed
  4. look into live liberty Twitter feed
  5. # of guests
  6. List of new users

G.Overall Functionality

  1. Proper 404 pageVi
  2. "Key word research" error
  3. Pager at the bottom of the front page to see older posts
  4. A home button near the bottom of the pages
  5. keep hyperlinks from causing the user to leave your page
  6. email continuity
  7. Donate Button
  8. site loading slow?  New faster server
  9. Update doesn’t bump


All crossed off lines have been implemented unless noted.  Any lines that are bolded are still being considered or still in the list of future changes. 

Future Plans:  Immediate future plans involve configuring user pages to be more useful in finding past comments and replies.  And, also to start building pages for the picture links on the front page. 

  • Ideally we want a Library area where users can submit their favorite books in categories both free and links to suggested reading. 
  • Also, the Video/Film area will be a grid of organized media embeds according to category.  
  • Liberty Leaders area is a designated area for writings, articles, and speeches by various leaders in liberty organized by date/leader
  • history documented is links to original documents, letters, and historical writings important to the founding of this country and the ideals of liberty for reference.
  • I wanted to get a candidate comparison up with to show how candidates measure up on issues important to the liberty movement and the constitution.
  • In Hearth and Harvest I wanted static pages organized in pages where users can post their knowledge, experience, and advice having to do with survival, home, garden, hydroponics etc.  these static pages would be there for easy reference and wouldn't get lost in the day to day news cycle.
  • Finally, I want an place for original A Call to Paul user articles for those who like to create well argued points, philosophical ideas, or current news analysis but don't want the discussion quickly buried in the quick fire of the news day.


In case you haven't noticed we recently added a "back to the top" button to quickly move you to the top of the page without scrolling.  And I've fixed the YouTube/Vimeo video embed field.  So now you can go back to pasting the URL of the YouTube video in that field to post a video.  All other videos still have to be embedded using the source code and the green film strip icon above. 


And finally, I've configured a donate page for those of you who are able to donate to A Call to Paul and our efforts toward building a strong and growing community here.  I truly believe that all of us together are building something great here that will attract more and more people to the liberty movement.

If you have new suggestions that you would like to submit, please feel free to add them.  And if there are any questions, I'll field them as best I can.   

Well, that;s it for now...I think I remembered everything.

You guys are amazing people!


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I just got errors both when posting a new topic and when replying to an existing topic.  Note that, despite getting the error, the content posted just fine.  When I posted the new topic and saw the error though, I resubmitted the page, which caused a duplicate posting.  I noticed there was another dupe posting (from another user) recently posted as well so I think I'm not the only one having this issue.

-When posting a new topic I don't get the "video URL" textbox.  Ideally we wouldn't need one of these things btw.  I've been on other sites where you can post a YouTube link by copying the URL from my browser and pasting it into a forum post and the video auto-embeds.  Would love it if you could reproduce that here.  At the very least, allowing me to do a href="" would be a reasonable option.

-When clicking "new forum post" (the link under "User Menu"), it brings me to Home »Forums »General Discussion.   I then have to click "New Topic" from there in order to make a new post.  Seems like it should be a 1 step process rather than 2 steps.

-Also an enhancement request - In DP/PL, you could click on a link that would show you the stuff that you had posted/commented on/etc.  It was useful because I could follow up on stuff that I had written and could pick up the discussion w/ anyone who responded to my comments/posts.  Ideally it would show a number indicating the number of "unread responses to posts/comments" I've made.  For example, if I make a new post and 3 people respond to it, I'd like to see a "3" there until I go to the link again (which you would then assume means I've read all the responses and clear the number).


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Glad to see some familiar and some not so familiar liberty accounts on their.  Didn't know if that was possible or not but glad you figured it out Anne!

How often do those update?


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Why can't I see what I've commented or posted in My account?

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so....working on it

"Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you."  Thomas Jefferson

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I'm liking it! Thank You Anne... :)

Question........ If you click on that Amazon link can you go to other items to buy that will support this site?

I'm giving Trump a chance to prove he isn't a War Hawk neocon.

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I upvoted Ron Adolf's post but it still showed 0.  I then clicked "reply" to let Anne know about this but that's where I saw the +1 had registered.  In PL, the + or - would show up instantly.  This is a low priority issue but just mentioning it for the future.


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If you go to amazon through one of the links here, and you go on to by anything else at all, this site will get a little compensation for the referral.  So ya if you have amazon shopping to do anyway, you can support the site by using the links here :o)

"Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you."  Thomas Jefferson

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Will do, and thanks again for everything!!!

Oh yeah the Twitter feed is awesome!


I'm giving Trump a chance to prove he isn't a War Hawk neocon.

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My one grumble is the downvoting - I didn't like it on the DP/PL and I don't like when people downvote without comment. With upvotes at least you know someone has agreed so no further comment is necessary unless to add to the idea. But just downvoting could be by someone who just doesn't like the person.

Now if there was a way to attach names to the votes, like they do with Disqus, then at least you'd know who did the downvoting and the downvoted could request that person to explain.

I don't know how difficult that would be to do - I'm an admitted luddite when it comes to that stuff. If that can't be done then maybe just have the upvote functioning and not the downvote - that would force downvoters to comment - if they felt so strongly that they had to downvote they should feel the same about saying their piece.

Re the sarc thingy - if you had a color tab and designated colors for certain things - purple for sarc, blue for a snark - would that be an easier way to do it?

You are a STAR, Anne!



Laugh. It makes you feel good.

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options for web site owner.  I could actually install it here.  However, I think privacy is an issue for a lot of people using Disqus.  Some people don't want to use their twitter or Facebook to log in.  And then theres the SEO thing.  Apparently using Disqus effects how web search engines view comments and their content.  As I understand it, you drive less traffic here with Disqus and that's ultimately not a good thing when you are trying to reach people.  I know you weren't saying to actually use Disqus but these are the issues I've been considering.

Otherwise, setting up a voting system has me relying on voting widgets and they have limited capabilities.  Most of the widgets available are "5 stars" which seems to be best for product rating but not for posts or comments. 

I see no way to force people to comment if they down vote.  I also see no  of show icons of people and how they voted.  If you get 30 votes, even Disqus wouldn't show you how everyone voted.  It would be too cumbersome. 

One option is to only have up votes.  I believe I have a thumbs up feature currently that is only for positive responses. 

Anyway, we have to have a separate poll for this as it's probably the most contentious feature of which people have definitive opinions .

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For the downvote to count you should have to comment. (look at me telling people what to do)  As far as sarcasm should just get it.  No need for special colors.  Some of us don't know HTML or science.  

"I smoke out of spite" - Bill Hicks

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Or if you had a little color button in the editing bar then purple could be the understood sarcasm color.  So no actual button needed, but I think people would like the feature anyway.

no html or science need be understood LOL

"Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you."  Thomas Jefferson

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functioning and not the downvote - that would force downvoters to comment"

I agree with your complaint and would support this change.


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I'm limited in what I can do but there's likely a solution if I go looking for it

"Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you."  Thomas Jefferson

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much appreciated!

are we ever going to have smileys?  just curious. I think a limited selection would be a good idea..


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Yeah I have to  install a new editor to get the smilies but I need to do that anyway because my left, right and center justifications aren't working and I need those later for articles and page design. 

So I think smilies are in our future too.

"Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you."  Thomas Jefferson

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A couple of things that i see as potential 'change' is:

1. the vertical spacing seem to be very large, such as the comment section "subject" rectangle. The avatar, and vote count could fit inside this area.

2. i would like to see totals for both + votes and - votes, if you are going to have it at all. A vote tally of 10+ and 9- would not get much attention by some?/many? The idea of trolls swaying the viewership to this site is one concern for this feature.

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I don't know if the voting widget will display both but I'll look at it.

"Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you."  Thomas Jefferson

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Site looks really good!  I like the voting option.  It's a good gage for seeing how the community thinks about things.  It wouldn't be the end of the world if you got rid of it, though.  My only complaint is the font size.  I hope you will reconsider and increase the size for us old guys.  The small print really is a strain on the eyes and I know I miss a lot of info, just because I can't keep reading longer posts with the tiny font.  Yes, I know I can increase the sizing on my computer but, so can people using i-pads and smart phones decrease the size to fit.  Just hoping real hard that you will reconsider.


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I was looking at it and if I increase the font size to 15 or 16 pt possibly and that may make a big difference.  We'll try some things out


"Do not neglect your music, it will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you."  Thomas Jefferson