Is this why Palin was speaking so High of Rand, Cruz on his way down?

Ron Aldof Wed, 01/20/2016 - 10:41

When a candidate is going to fall other candidates want to lure that candidates supporters to their base. I feel the Trump campaign senses Cruz to be faltering. Knowing that a lot of Cruz's supporters were followers of Ron Paul, or their next pick would be Rand. They had Palin try to woe them.


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 “This is a 1-2 punch,” Jamie Johnson, an unaffiliated Iowa Republican strategist who served as a senior adviser to Rick Perry’s presidential bid, says of Branstad’s dismissal and Palin’s endorsement. “This may affect 5% to 10% of caucus-goers, and that makes a difference.”

Suddenly the political headwinds are buffeting against Cruz, who until recently seemed to be coasting toward a victory in the first-in-the-nation caucuses by assembling a powerful faith coalition. Now locked in a tightening contest, even his edge with evangelicals now seems to be eroding. Just 24 hours ago, Trump was greeted by enthusiastic crowds at Virginia’s Liberty University, the site of Cruz’s own campaign kickoff, where school president Jerry Falwell Jr. blessed Trump’s campaign with glowing remarks."

"Cruz remains the favorite in Iowa and a real threat for the Republican nomination. But Tuesday’s bitter events reflect the new reality for a candidate who has spent his career using colleagues and campaign rivals for target practice. You can only do that for so long until the target comes to life and shoots back. Or as Palin put it Tuesday: “No more pussyfootin’ around.”

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I think it's more simple, Palin's daughter put out an article why nobody likes Cruz, basically saying Sarah supported his senate campaign, backed him up when nobody else would, then Cruz' campaign bashed Palin for endorsing Trump.

Rand did not bash Sarah, he bashed Trump. Sarah really came to the rescue of Ron in 2012 when others were bashing him, she helped Rand campaign for Senate, and she has went 180 degrees away from McCain and went much more non-interventionist, hired a non-interventionist guy for her foreign policy head at SarahPac etc. The Paul's are much more classy than to bash Sarah for her choice, and of course she may see an opportunity to gain some Rand and Cruz people but she did much more damage to Cruz in her Trump endorsement which helps Rand


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This seems highly likely.  What exactly though did Cruz say about ethenol subsidies that differs from Rand's position.  My impression is that he opposed a mandated minimum for use in fuels.  I agree with that.  I imagine Rand does too.  I heard him say that he supports more ethanol however but didn't speak specifically to a artificial mandate.

It would be great that some of Cruz support will be shed to Rand but how?

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