Rand Paul Schools The Libertarian Party

Freeman15 Sat, 01/16/2016 - 20:59

After the predictable and par for the course move by the media to bump Rand Paul off the main debate stage and in with the also-rans, Senator Paul made a move that surprised many pundits and observers. Instead of accepting the demotion and participating he declined to attend and instead scheduled his own multimedia Town Hall style meeting for the same time slot.

Aside from being the right move for anyone wishing to maintain their dignity and self-respect, it is becoming clear that it was also an advantageous move. CNN reports that Paul’s “decision to boycott the sixth Republican showdown … has resulted in far more airtime and significantly larger audiences than Paul could possibly have hoped for at the … debate.” Not only has Paul dodged the stigma of appearing on the undercard, he has scored a tactical victory over the forces attempting to shut him out.

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and I'm gonna vote for him because of his dad.  With that said let's talk about political ideaology.  What label are you?  Libertarian,  Republican,  Democrat, Conservative, Socialist, or whatever.  Labels are intellectually lazy.  All labels can be broken down.  "What kind of label are you?"  "Fiscal conservative? social conservative?  democratic socialist?  Fascist?  No one ever admits being a fascist.  I say "mind your own business" .  Labels are like symbols, and "I'm gonna leave symbols to the symbol minded".

"I smoke out of spite" - Bill Hicks