What Would You Do on Election Day, if these are the choices: Hillary (D), Ted (R) and Donald (Third Party)?

The Cat Sat, 01/16/2016 - 13:11
Stay Home
28% (15 votes)
Write In Rand
43% (23 votes)
Vote for Trump Out of Spite
4% (2 votes)
Other (Please specify)
26% (14 votes)
Total votes: 54

Looking at several news reports today, it seems like the MSM has made our final choices for us for this presidential election. the general consensus is it will be Hillary for the Dems and Cruz or Trump for the GOP (either they haven't decided yet or they haven't revealed which of them yet).  Yes, I know TPTB haven't ruled out Jeb! and many here still think Rand will pull it off but, for the purposes of this poll, let's say it's Hillary (D), Ted (R) and Donald (Third Party).  It's an awful field, as usual, but what would you do on election day if that's what actually plays out?

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  I am likely to vote third party but not for Trump. Either Libertarian or Constitution party will likely get my vote. I am not sure whether write-in  votes would be counted, but if they are, then I would consider writing Rand in .

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...that if they nominate an establishment neocon again, I would vote for HITLERY, just to shove it up their you-know-whatsis. However...

...being one who has never voted for an (R) or (D) for President in my life -- first vote in 1976, I guess that would break my "rule" of never voting "lesser of two evils." Actually, that could arguably be called voting for the GREATER(est) of the evils, right??

I suppose that means my vote for "other" means I'd fill in the bubble for the Libertarian (not ideal either in my opinion) and push the ballot into the electronic "reader" and figure it gets assigned to the (R) candidate. (see my screen-name & location)

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My first vote was for Roger McBride.  I can proudly say I've never voted for the lesser of two evils for President.  I have,  to my shame, voted once for a Democrat Senator who actually won....because I hated the Republican Senator so much.  I regret that vote.  She's still in office, and she's been a disaster.


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Four years ago I would have said "Write In" my candidates name.  But I now know that my state does not count write-in's, except under special circumstances.  I might have thought I was striking a blow for liberty, but I now know I was wasting my time.  Instead of participating in a rigged game, I would opt out and stay home.