Who really killed JFK?...

pawnstorm12 Sat, 03/11/2017 - 03:48

-John F. Kennedy

After JFK spoke the above words, his death warrant was signed.

So let us not forget who really killed him - and why.

You can forget the lies you've heard about Oswald, Castro, Russia, the Mafia, Ruby etc.

Because the CIA is the dirtiest, most immoral organization on earth outside of the Federal Reserve.

But they were not completely alone in the crime.

The Federal Reserve was also involved in JFK's murder because at that time he was issuing "U.S. Bank Notes" in an effort to give the people back control of the nation's money.

What does that mean and where is the evidence?

You can find (Online or coin shops), 2-dollar and 5-dollar bills (issued when JFK was president) which do NOT say "Federal Reserve Note" but rather "U.S. bank Note."

JFK was in the process of converting 10 and 20-dollar bills as well but after his murder that program ceased immediately and the 2 and 5-dollar notes were taken out of circulation because the Federal Reserve was not interested in any competition in their control over the nation's money.

So if the subject ever comes up about who killed JFK, you can say with confidence that it was a combination of the CIA and the Federal Reserve.

Both organizations had their very existence threatened, so both had ultra-motives in eliminating the president.

But both organizations are UN-Constitutional and endanger our liberties and American sovereignty.

The CIA dropped a drone-bomb every 20 minutes in Africa and the Middle East in 2016 with NO authorization from Congress. That is Un-constitutional.

The Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars out of thin air since 1913, ruining the value of our dollar which was supposed to be backed by gold or silver per our founders. And remember, the Federal Reserve is NOT federal - it is a cartel of PRIVATE bankers. That is Un-Constitutional.

Please pass this information on to your fellow citizens - most of who are utterly ignorant of how these two traitorous and rogue organizations have ruined our nation.

While Congress shirks its duty to protect us from these dark, un-elected, evil forces of government.

Every member of Congress took an oath to defend us from ALL enemies - foreign AND DOMESTIC.

But believe me - it is not the foreign enemies we need most worry about.


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