Sen. Rand Paul: Unveils Health Care Replacement Plan (2/12/17)

johncarter44 Sun, 02/12/2017 - 17:13

Senator Rand Paul talks about his bill he is proposing to replace Affordable Care Act and let the free market take over healthcare again.

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ObamaCare required the insurance companies to provide maternity care for men and old people, birth control for free, and insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, and dozens of other benefits therefore price had to go up... Many people believed that this would be free? it's the lack of understanding by most individuals that business need to make a profit in order to stay in business..
It's about time to stop the complaining about the insurance companies. They charge, or used to charge, premiums based on risk and the performance of their investment portfolios. Obamacare has now put a money wrench into that process and we likely will pay more, so that the sick and the old will get subsidized by the young and the healthy..

Repeal Obamacare Now..

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Put aside the best plan, just dumping Obamacare with nothing. His has to be the better of any else I have heard of.

Let's get back to Liberty and Freedom.
Trump is working with the Establishment.