HE WASN’T KIDDING! Trump Just Revealed New Plan that Could Deport 75% of Illegal Immigrants!

JD Fri, 02/10/2017 - 19:20

First, the new order allows for the Deportation of any illegal aliens who ‘have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.’

Second, the order will target individuals who ‘have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a government agency.’

Finally, the new order will go after people who ‘have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits.’


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I live in a small town and the illegals are flooding the countryside. I'll seen a massive increase in the illegal population in just the past week. Evidently, the illegals are seeking safer refuge in the countryside rather than risk prosecution in the larger cities. Certainly, ICE is aware of the flight of illegals into the countryside. With this flight, crime will likely increase as well in the smaller towns.

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Let ICE know!!! provide as much proof, that you have, or that you have gathered!!

These illegals should be looked upon as to what they are --FOREIGN INVADERS!!

"I predict a Donald Trump landslide"