Roads Less Traveled!

The Pen Mon, 09/26/2016 - 00:22

At approx. 9am this morning my son and I set out on one such road (trail) less traveled...and it made all the difference. I know it is cliché to say so, but is has become a literal truth in my life over this last summer to present day September 25th, 2016. After 9 miles of forest roads (gravel, large rocks and divots) we reached our destination at the roads end, Willamette National Forest, Bachelor Mountain Trailhead. The trail less traveled led us into a 1/2 mile dense and thickly-dark forest, silent and invitingly cool from the morning valley fog we drove beneath some 30 miles before reaching our point of start.

We were brought out onto an opening where our view of Coffin Mountain lookout was unparalleled, and in turn led us along a 1/2 - 3/4 miles meadow-ridge, full of reds, yellows, oranges; slopes, cliffs and emersions, where one fall to your right could mean literal death. We pressed on to an eventual flattening and open scenery that soon tucked back into a dense but calm canopy. We came to a junction and after stammering about for a minute noticed the sign that led us upward and inward deeper toward the point we trusted the trail (road) with in the first place.

After another mile or so we reached the old lookout, just shy of 10am. The best part was that we never saw a soul, and ate lunch atop a 6,000 foot mountain at that moment awaiting our sole arrival and jubilance. Let me be the first to say that if were not for my son's intense interest in mountains, volcanoes and mountaineering, I would not have hauled my ass up any hill, let alone a mountain. To date and since June we have ascended 4 (roads) lesser traveled...and it has made every difference in my life and outlook on it. We are already talking Pacific Crest Trail and have numerous hikes planned next spring/summer.

At 38 I am more impassioned for the roads less traveled than ever, and to be able to experience them with my son (daughter soon), makes every difference, as a father, a friend and man who seeks out life instead of waiting for it to find him. Take as many roads less traveled as you can possibly find! In 4 hours we saw not a single other person and for that were awarded views together that will stay with us forever.

Peace and Love always.

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There's nothing like being alone in the wilderness & being alone with your children in the wilderness is the very best.
I love the mountains too. Mount Saint Helens is Beautiful on a sunny day if you go the back way through Battle Ground & Amboy.
And also the Oregon Coast is the most amazing place for camping and exploring. Along the Southern Coast especially there's very few people, we always collect driftwood & build a fire.
Oregon is a great place for exploring !!!