Lunch atop The Pyramids!

The Pen Thu, 09/15/2016 - 00:29

I was up at 5:30am with my son last Saturday, full of vigor and excitement and anxious to roll rubber for 80 miles in order to catch a view only caught by those willing to climb, sweat and earn it. By 6:45am we were on the road and as I imagined almost solely so. I could've easily slept in and made every excuse not to get out of bed before sun-up, but the last few months have bore witness to a better and more physically fit man in me. I told my son, "I'll sleep when I'm dead". We made our traditional stop in Mill City, Oregon in order that I purchase my traditional energy drink (I know, not overly healthy...but infrequent) and him his treat of desire. This time, sour-patch kids...also not the healthiest, but we were awake with the sunrise and throwing caution to the winds.

After two hours of driving, we reached Lava Lake Road between mile marker 76 and 77 on Santiam Hwy 22E headed towards Bend, Oregon. After turning right onto the gravel forest road, we continued over 5 miles over divot and rock into the Old Cascades/Crest Trails in order to reach our destination: Pyramids Trailhead 3380. I took a picture of my son pointing to the trailhead 3380 sign and by 8:45am we were ascending into the Cascades, with nothing but the cool, inviting whispers of early morning wind-glimmers at our face.

If you've never traversed the Middle Pyramid trail, you basically ascend an elevation gain of almost 1,900 feet in little over 2 miles. Frequent rests are essential in order to sustain an even, consistent pace. After 2 hours and 15 minutes of climbing the narrow and persistent trail by ridgeline, meadow-views and over/under fallen trees, we reached the summit. Let me tell you that upon reaching that old fire lookout/summit I let out a holler of joy at the sight we together witnessed, alone and as best friends. There was something about reaching the summit with my 7 year old son that was indescribable. His passion, rather connection with volcanoes/mountains has for over two years now inspired us as a family to visit Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, Newberry Crater in LaPine, Oregon and other State Parks such as Silver Falls State Park.

We spent the next 45 minutes alone, eating lunch and taking pictures atop a 50 square foot space, not a cloud to be seen. We were able to see Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, The Three Sisters, Broken Top, Diamond Peak, Mary's Peak in Corvallis, Oregon, all Three Pyramids, various Buttes, the Old Santiam Valley and a panoramic canvass of trees and hills. I am providing a video link below of where we were perched (not our video) and a link to various pictures taken by others along the trailway.

At 38 years of age I have found my health and vitality in exercise, weightlifting and hiking...the outdoors. I hope you all find yourselves atop your own mountain someday, taking in the energy of views seen by few and sharing those scapes with the loved ones in your life.

Peace and Love always.



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for a stay-cation. It felt like being there right along with you.

"We spent the next 45 minutes alone, eating lunch and taking pictures atop a 50 square foot space"

Marvelous! Enjoy your next adventure. True, sleeping is only necessary after an experience like that. So cool.

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