StandUp4Liberty Sat, 07/23/2022 - 09:31

They are manufacturing prophecy and manipulating world evens to usher in the manufactured End Times, which is actually a ZIONIST NEW WORLD ORDER to destroy and rule over the Gentiles. It's all deception.

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"Only well informed citizens can maintain a meaningful resistance against the powers seeking to destroy us. However, when we get to know the truth we must not let it stop there. Information proves its value only when it's used. Spread the message."
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Unless the United States cuts ALL ties with the ANTICHRIST STATE OF ISRAEL AND SOON...we will be dragged into the Armageddon they so desire.

They will nuke an American city and it's off to the races.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul