GERMANY 1940: FASCISM. AMERICA 2020: FAUCISM ... From Mengele to Fauci

pawnstorm12 Tue, 01/11/2022 - 22:16

It can't be argued since Fauci keeps his high position of power - despite it being proven that he funded bio-experiments which not only had NO VALUE to humanity, they were DEADLY to humanity.

FAUCI deserves the prefix "Doctor" in front of his name the same way Nazi JOSEF MENGELE deserved it...both are "Doctors" of Death.

MENGELE escaped Germany in 1949 assisted by his fellow Nazis who helped him get to South America.

For the next 30 years he eluded capture and died on a South Atlantic island in 1979, a FREE CRIMINAL who was never brought to justice.

Mengele - known as the "Angel of Death" - was responsible for untold horrors with medical experiments on prisoners at the Auschwitz extermination camp in Poland in the 1940's.

Had he been caught and tried at Nuremberg, there is no doubt what his fate would have been.

Now it appears that Fauci - responsible for untold horrors with experimental vaccines never before used on humans - will also escape justice, protected by HIS Nazis at Pfizer, Moderna, FDA, Federal Government and a complicit Media.

And like Josef Mengele before him, Anthony Fauci will one day die a FREE CRIMINAL, neither of them having paid any price for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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