Who Has The Key To Grammercy Park? - Is “Doug Emhoff” another Hollywood Joker?

StandUp4Liberty Fri, 12/17/2021 - 20:21

This is an interesting read by Stephen C. Perkins an author of stories mixed with reality and fiction. Stories that make you question who is behind the creation of the illusion we’ve been psychologically conditioned to accept as “reality”? As I continue to connect dots and journey down the rabbit hole, my suspicion of just how deep the tentacles of deception, manipulation and control the elite cabal have over our daily lives forever deepens. Our reality reallly is an illusion, the Matrix. The overlords plan, distribute, enforce and propagandize our reality. However, once your perception reaches a certain level, it's more than knowledge, you start having more of a feeling, a 6th sense so to speak. Like peering into another dimension. It's hard to explain but once you wake up you see things everywhere in plain sight right in front of you you never knew existed.

Google Grammercy Park for more information about it.

READ ARTICLE HERE: https://worldnewsspell.com/2021/02/23/is-doug-emhoff-another-hollywood-j...

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