Miracle in Japan Dr. John Campbell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1GF0H9V_1g

Tomoye Wed, 11/24/2021 - 12:17

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1GF0H9V_1g  (this may be a better link)

This episode appears to be going viral since it posted over 20 hours ago. (the video is 17 minutes long). See the remarkable graph at 48 seconds. Japan ... Population, 126 million Cases, + 79 Deaths, + 2 Lowest since June 23, 2020 Currently reopening

another link if they remove youtube's...

Japan started using Ivermectin to treat Covid in August 13, 2021. It was around the time they boycotted Moderna due to serious contamination. The charts comparing Japan with other highly vaxxed countries shows a marked difference in decreased infections. Japan is over 70% vaxxed so what made the difference? 
We already know that with a  $2.65 Ivermectin kit in use,  Uttar Pradesh  in India has experienced a low death rate and dramatic reduction in infections compared to higher vaxxed Kerala and high vaxxed countries. (see link below) Evidence is mounting that EXPERIMENTAL JABS ARE NOT THE ANSWER; Steve Kirsch, Director of the Covid 19 Early Treatment Program, has been pounding the table about this.

The FDA continues to plow ahead with more jabs/boosters forever (where will it stop?)  completely oblivious to the data and corruptly tied to pharma's agenda. Never mind that some experts are saying the Delta variant is mutating twice a month (to stay alive) so how on earth is pharma going to keep up with the latest mutations? Flu shots are notoriously hit and miss, sometimes only 9% effective in the elderly bc they target a pathogen that no longer exists.

"UP, has registered about 23, 000 deaths from  Covid from Covid-19. Kerala, with a population one sixth the size, has registered 33,000 deaths, a number which is continues to grow by nearly four hundred per day. Likewise, Kerala continues to see a large number of new cases each day. 
And it is not only Kerala that suffers in comparison to UP in this statistic. Both Canada (29,000), and Belgium (26,000) for example have suffered more deaths than UP. When adjusted for population, UP has a lower death toll than every European country but Iceland. In order to dethrone the Ivermectin hypothesis, critics need to provide an adequate explanation for UP’s extremely low death rate from Covid-19.""
"Uttar Pradesh adopted similar strategies, but when faced with a massive wave of infections in the Spring of 2021 before vaccines were readily available, it adopted out of necessity a strategy of providing early treatment options to its citizens in which Ivermectin figured heavily.   At this point the State appears to have come through the pandemic with a very low death toll and in all likelihood has reached herd immunity.   
This disparity of outcome is in fact the strongest evidence in favour of Ivermectin. Unless the haters can find 200,000 dead people in Uttar Pradesh, that evidence will stand."

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