The Hike!

The Pen Sat, 06/25/2016 - 21:49

I'm newly excitable and eager for the early morning hour when I venture hand-in-hand with my son into mountainous wilds. I've found myself charting trails and quite possibly over-ambitiously, but I have become compelled to do so. I'm sure a few of you have read my somewhat recent threads about self-revitalization and self-improvement, yet it has become evident that I'm charting a course previously untapped in my life. I've actually been experiencing elation and genuine joy as of late after choosing to respect and restore the vessel I occupy and I have become ferociously addicted to making it so.

Tomorrow we set out on a 7+ mile hike and I haven't experienced such a need to connect with nature in over a decade. I attribute this newly-rediscovered urge to waking up to the realization that I was completely out-of-touch with my physical self. Soon after I posted my 'repurposing life' thread I was fortunate to obtain a weight bench and over 100 lbs. of weights for nothing more than a case of beer. For so long I made excuses that time was unavailable or that my children made it so and I owe my jarring into reaffirmation and revitalization of body to Alex Honnold (please watch his ascent of Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park). After watching him do what almost all would consider impractical or impossible, I realized my excuses were hindering my capacities for fitness and rejuvenation of spirit.

I have discovered the greatest liberty in exercise, a liberty that ensures a better quality of life and a greater opportunity for pursuing happiness. It is never too late, and yes I've said this before. Must I accept the rollover of my 38th year without testament to what I am capable of? Why does [our] culture seem to make appropriate aging as something we all must accept with aches, pains, immobilities, disabilities and the chronic and apathetic ingestion of the multitudinous pill?

I plan on facing my 38th birthday straight on and with genuine acceptance. Why should any of us cower and long for the years of our youth when those very years can be realized throughout the aging we all experience? Climb high, hike far and live, live, live! I'll see you on the trails if you are fortunate in this life to chart those most beneficial for you.

Peace and Love always.

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