Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano / View on the Pandemic and Crimes Against Humanity

GlennForLiberty Tue, 09/28/2021 - 09:20
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Thanks so much for posting.

This is too deep to digest in one or even 2 listenings.

Our maybe 3 or more.

This man should be Pope.

But if so they would probably poison him.

Because as he pointed out...just as there is the deep too is there the deep church.

To try to find and support that segment of the Church which holds onto morality versus deep church one world government is the tricky task of all aware Catholics.

However small a percentage of the congregation that may be.

I'll say one sure isn't there in the leadership of the Catholic church today.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul