Biden Administration Allegedly Plans to Return Haitians Home, but NOT Afghanis

tpreitzel Fri, 09/17/2021 - 23:07

Ask yourself why? 

Biden himself is a known traitor and the power behind him wants the USA, externally and internally, defenseless. These people in DC HATE the 2nd Amendment and want it removed. Evidently, Haitians are not radical enough to blow themselves and everyone nearby to itsy bitsy pieces. A pretext is needed for gun confiscation just like a pretext was needed for economic lockdowns to impoverish the nation, i.e. COVID. Only when unvetted radicals like Jihadis are allowed into the USA by the thousands can the possibility of gun confiscation begin ... or so they think. Keep your eyes open, a weapon at your side along with Jesus. Sen. McCarthy was certainly correct about the commies back in the 1950s despite his own personal problems. Today, we have all the proof we need to verify the former. We ain't see nothin' yet. 

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