WA Cowlitz County big numbers lie!!

D4L Thu, 09/09/2021 - 03:23
-Misleading headlines cause stir with Cowlitz County Morgue as new facility nears completion-
As the new morgue facility nears completion, the existing morgue is at capacity, however, it is not full of COVID deaths as recent headlines suggest.
Of the 65 bodies currently stored between the morgue and local funeral homes, only 8 are actual COVID deaths, the most recent deaths in the county. 7 of those 8 were hospitalized, all were between the ages of 40 and into their 90s.
The new County Coroner location will be ready to occupy next month, and will feature a total capacity of 50 in cold storage, in addition to individual funeral home capacity as well. Recent headlines with various sources both online and in print have led some to believe that the morgue is full with ONLY coronavirus deaths, when that is not the case.
The morgue is already at high capacity, so any further deaths from any cause add to the strain on resources.
To counter this, the Board of Cowlitz County Commissioners is expected to issue a declaration of emergency in order to rent a cold trailer to hold additional deceased until the new facility is ready around October 4th.
Currently, St. John Medical Center has around 40 COVID-19 positive patients, down from 62 on Friday.
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