Donald Trump 2024 Campaign Ad--The Surrender In Chief

JD Tue, 08/24/2021 - 19:01
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The consequences of presidential criminality will soon manifest itself financially as well. You think the price of gas is high now ... it is, but just wait for other brewing factors to slam Americans with likely hyper inflation and its concomitant economic and societal collapse.  None of us except maybe the early settlers of this country have remotely experienced what could likely lie on the immediate horizon.

I was talking to an acquaintance today who owns a business. I won't divulge any details other than the following: one of the suppliers for a commodity has seen his shipping costs rise from $1500 per unit (~ a large pallet) to $13,000 per unit or an increase of ~ 8x. Imagine passing such costs on to the consumer or even a fraction of those shipping costs. The price increases are mainly due to the disruption of production as a result of the unfounded global hysteria over a pandemic. The bizarre global reaction to this pandemic will soon destroy every nation including the USA if not immediately checked by the people. The people are about ready to suffer intensely like never previously known in this country if the current situation continues. This acquaintance gives about 6 more months for the full impact to hit. I'm not making this estimate, my acquaintance is. This acquaintance will either close shop or attempt to pass along price increases in order to survive. You guess the outcome. What business can pass along such price increases and survive?  I don't know the outcome, but I'd prepare as much as possible for exteme pain, financial and otherwise, to come!