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The Pen Sun, 06/12/2016 - 19:13

You all post such enrichment on this site, far more informative politically than do I. And I appreciate the trail you summarily track in ousting the elite and painting them black, but how much energy can one expend on poor entertainment? If you watch, or catch glimpses of the actors on television, in all there expertise and opinion, you most likely know a different perception of the world than do those who believe such a belief is conspiracy...actors that is.

I am watching family feel the same futility I felt in 2012 when Ron Paul was publicly and somehow justifiably cheated and disparaged. The puppets are hard at work making Bernie look a threat, when in all practical terms he is simply a lesser threat to America. Therefore, the greater threat will abide by appointment, vote be damned. I keep quiet with the exception of an occasional rant, wherein me a justifiable anger denounces the snare of government in almost every aspect of life. There is absolutely zero quantitative or verifiable means of governmental retraction and retardation when the message is about building territorial walls, whether within a prison or without. Am I to vote for prison?

Good to hear my brother will no longer support Trump. I think people fail to realize that simply voting for someone in a primary is in no way indicative of casting a similar vote in the general. It's been a blessing that Rand suspended his campaign, for he made it clear to me that the election is about entertainment, rather than any ration of a tattered and nearly lost declaration of each and everyone of us' individual and interdependent independence.

It's humbling what you can hear when you stop to listen to the other side. I have been able to learn why it is someone in my family is voting for Bernie and why it is someone else is voting for Trump. I've simply chosen to shut up. Who is truly able to care about my point of view when I'm always arguing theirs? And is my argument going to change someone else's mind? Maybe the change in my own was reason for the arguments I made. And I made them for someone I'd never met or even shaken hands with. So, awakening?

I am rigid. Yes, my wife will attest to that. And I struggle with my rigidness, accept it yet struggle with it. Walking has as of recent become therapeutic. It's amazing how the increase of your heartbeat coincides with the release of that restricting it. Stress is a monster, a clever one. I try to explain to those closest to me that rediscovering fitness at the age of 38 is for the sole reason of having 38 more. I'll be damned if I come to wear the chain of the pharmaceutical ball. I have chosen to turn down Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine, Humira and several other intoxicants in order to search out the true intoxicant in my diet. And I was fortunate enough to find it in Gluten.

So I suppose my rambling is to share how I feel, to share what I feel is real. And I am certain that those who write down what they feel are all the more lightly in their steps, all the more spritely in their quests. Remember to step back every once in awhile and analyze the life you direct. Try something new. Change what makes you feel discomfort.

Peace and Love always.

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Science of "forest bathing": fewer maladies, more well-being?

It appears that the feeling is floating in the air as many are living and acting upon what you state. Sentiment is mutual. (Faux xyc.......)

It is magnificent that you have chosen to get even and follow the natural way of giving the body that which it needs. For once we quiet ourselves, we hear/understand that which the body is saying. Congratulations! Your gut is telling you what's right! Whoop! The old way: An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. The new millennium way: Less visits to the doctor, keeps the pills away!

As for politics, agreed! It's a show. Yes, it is actually wonderful that Rand cut the cord early. i suspect, that there's some agreement between DT and RP and i only speculate on this based on what is actually taking place. While the pixie dust is sprinkled by DT, RP takes on major issues and laughs the show away. And Ryan is walking himself to the Boehner door. It is fantastic circus.

Just recently, on the issue of "never being charged and be kept indefinitely" as stated in the 2016 version of NDAA on national TV. McCain and Graham freak out. That gave me giggles. Mike Lee arguing for the Constitution and the two buffoons disgracing themselves. They both looked like used car salesmen on the floor. I used to think that there would be no way any American Citizen would vote to legalize this. Makes you wonder how much money they are being paid to support and defend this, who has something on them and then how bad is it? It used to be said "turn the dial" on the TV. Now is just a click.

I went to Popular Liberty looking for silver education and I got GOLD. Thank YOU Question more.

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I have learned not to extend much hope in political leaders or the legislative end of the justice system. That side is corrupt beyond redemption apparently. It's easier to extend influence on the courts. For better or worse, I no longer give money to politicians or political causes that seek to reform laws or lawmakers. I seldom write my congresscritters. It's demeaning to me to beg them to follow the laws or stop being dicks. Rather, I contribute to Institute for Justice and sometimes crowdfunding efforts that raise money to fight court battles. I think its much easier to find an honest judge and jury than an honest politician.

If I contribute money to C4L, for example, I see the bad law passed anyway. If I contribute to IJ, I read mostly good news about how they won freedom by suing the enforcement/court side of the justice system. It's just money, time, and effort better spent. I continue to vote, not so much because I think the "right" person can change things, but because jurors are selected from the voting pool and the courtroom is the place where we can actually nullify bad laws to save somebody's bacon.